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April 05, 2005



Yay! It looks so glamourous! i think it will make it, in black, and copy you.

Jo in Ottawa

Well I'm with HWWV -- Are you really wearing a bra? Anything that requires specialty lingerie is not for me but it looks lovely on you.


Great photos! I just cast on for my Orangina, but yours is an inspiration. I may just have to make another in black.

Miz Booshay

You look perfect!

"Once upon a time, on the north shore of Long Island, some 30 miles from New York, there lived a small girl on a large estate."


Those pesky paparazzi! Great sweater.


I must say, Orangina looks Fab! Also, loving the shoes! Very Glam!


Your new top is grand! I love the pattern and you pull it off with that scarf brilliantly! Thanks for the link to more patterns!


OOOooooh la la!

You look AWESOME in your new top!! And, I love the Chucks!


I love love LOVE it! You, your top, and your blog are absolutely freakin' fantastic. Very funny AND fabulous knitting. Bravo!


Love it! I should be getting my 4 ply in the mail any day now to make this top. The great part is it's in a color called Zest, a shade so bright you'll be able to hear it! I guess the bonus is that no one will really be able to look for my bra when they've been blinded by the color. I love your black, though. Beautiful!

Jen M

Love it!! I have just started a Grape Nehi (Orangina in grape color Rowan 4-ply cotton). Can you talk about what size you made - did you choose the size that is the closest to your actual measurements, or did you choose a larger or smaller size? I would love to avoid doing all that work, just to have a top that doesn't fit correctly!


Love Orangina on you! It looks great! You had me in stitches yesterday (no pun intended) when I saw you knitting with a headlamp. oh.my.gosh!! Love your web site - you have a great sense of humor!


Thanks everyone for all the nice comments. I'm in love with Orangina! Now what will I do that can top it?! Maybe I'll knit some potholders or something...


Hi Wendy...
I was just wondering if you could tell me how I can get the pattern for the cute little pink tunic sweater??? I really want to knit one for my daughter! Thanks!!


looks fantastic! you are a riot and love those kicks.


Fabulous Daarling!
You make a great model and HWWV takes the best pictures.
Very entertaining!


Now I want to make the Orangina top! You look fabulous too! Thanks for the tip on the right lingerie to wear with it. I'll remember that. Oh and I linked to your site from mine as a site I read. Hope that's ok with you.


WandaWoman...Link! The thing about the lingerie, is that you better wear it, unless you want everyone to see your stuff!


Your Orangina looks amazing - very wearable BUT seriously cute! Can't wait to finish mine now...


I love Orangina - I think I may just have to get the pattern. Love your blog and photos!


You look fantastic, Wendy! Love your scarf too! I am such a scarf fanatic :) The Orangina is perfect--I want one now!


Ooo, fabulous! Now I am inspired to start my Cherry Soda (dark red Orangina).
I knit black lace with a headlamp too-- I can figure out why no knitting store has started selling special lace-knitting headlamps yet!


too frickin' cute!!!!


Wow! You look like a far prettier and more glamourous version of Tori Spelling with the glasses and scarf! I love it!


I LOVE your v-neck raglan! I arrived via glampyre and your lovely Orangina and browsed your other FO winners - is this the top-down raglan?

I currently have a bottom-up raglan on the needles and am stuck at converting all the patterns I've found to v-neck. Did you knit yours bottom-up or top-down? Is the front knit in the round from two separate balls? Enquiring minds need to know! :-)

(In short - LOVELY FOs (all of em!) and any tips you could give I'd appreciate.)

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