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July 17, 2005


Elizabeth K

That is a fabulous idea! I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I just love it. Thank you for sharing with us. You rock!


Soo...I need to know where your gym is.. I *do* have a ballerina-girl complex I need to conquer before my upcoming class reunion.
How about some pics of that corset? I have been drooling over that pattern. May have to put it on the to-do list. Great blog!!


You're crazy! I love it. My DH did a cast of my prego bellies for me...much fun for all!


Your creativity is outstanding. I love your dress form! Will you name her?


Well, come to think of it, shouldn't her name be the same as mine? Or should I snazz it up a bit?


Oh man, a duct tape double! I did one of those many years ago using brown paper packaging tape (it's pinnable and won't shift when you stuff it - but it doesn't need stuffing unless you want to put it on a stand). I hope HWWV used bandage scissors to cut you out of it!


You have my favorite blog; it's always so interesting! I always look forward to reading it.

Is that HWWV in the mirror of the first picture?


Way to be creative!!

And, is that him I spy in the mirror reflection?!?


Rocking! That's awesome that you made your own dress form. I am way impressed.


Ooh shoot, I should have read Jadine's comment first!! Sorry to double!


Ok, friends. Use your Photoshop or whatever program and magnify the picture. That is HIM. (or my photographer)


Did you get the jade bracelet from your mother-in-law then? Because the only time I see them is on my asian relatives. I wondered.


Yup. Jade bracelets, all of them, from MIL...(and they are to die for)


Yeah, I love them.


Way too cool!


You get a dress form, and we get a HWWV pic. Nice all around.


Other people had the same reaction as me - you rock! I love that you are so motivated to do new things, in knitting and in... body wrapping (fun for DHs too). Thanks for the how to, which makes me and I'm sure other people feel like that's something I can do too!


very cool dress form!


OK, who had more fun, you or HWWV? I don't need to blow up the pic to see him laughing. ;)


Awesome, I'd wondered if you made it to Joanne's or not. Here's the answer. After reading your blog and the comments, I've decided to ask my dear hubby to tape me up as well. Oh and by the way, was HWWV picture an accident, or did you think your loyal blog readers wouldn't spot him?


Shar, the pic of HWWV was an accident until it was posted and I decided I should leave it. He is such a doll and even though I know he wants to be behind the scenes, I think he can handle this much exposure.

He is a star, really. And his tape job was a real good one, let me tell you.


glam! here's little something i know from my upbrining (judging from the soaps back then): there is like well-defined family hierarchy for some culture. And truth be told, it's only quite fixed for those who wants to make use of it. Anyhow. This is how I understand it, mother-in-laws are supposed to make daughter-in-laws sweat a bit. Or a lot. But it's their job. The meeky daughter-in-laws will one day harden and by then they will be old enough to be mother-in-laws themselves and the cycle carries on if they so choose.


Jing, I know what you say because I have been told by some nice people what MIL is up to! It is all such a mystery to me. If only my mom were here to contrast the situation. She loved HWWV and let him know it, every step of the way. I guess I don't know anything else and wonder why his mom doesn't love me too.


ohhh...this is like where's waldo...
we want to see a real pic of HWWV!
Great duct tape form. Think I may have to try that out as well!


The dress form is such a fantastic idea!! I was thinking recently how useful it would be to have something like that so I think I might do the same. Thanks for sharing this fabulous idea. :)

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