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August 25, 2005



Love it Wendy! I think you are the fastest knitter I know. Wasn't too sure about the ruffles when you mentioned them a few posts ago because of the "tuxedo" reference, but just didn't have the right pic in my mind. They look great! Little Miss Designer, you!


Beautiful cardi! Are the cowboy boots in honor of you mom, too? That's a great story. Those memories are priceless when we miss someone...


As usual, a wonderful cardi, great pictures and a truly wonderful story. I could see your mom walking across the campus and I was literally holding my breath until her boots saved the day... or undies, as it were. :) I bet she's smiling down on you and proud as can be.


Absolutely amazingly wonderfully beautiful! I'll be buying this pattern for sure! When will it be available???


Jeanie, who knows? I have to figure out if enough people want it...it's written out for my size, in scribbles, and I just have to wait to see if there is an interest!

Thing is, it is one of those items that is really customizable, so it is really a fits-all sort of thing...


Oh I love this! I want one! I'll buy it!!
Great job Wendy! Really Fantastic!


wow that is gorgeous! you did a fantastic job, definitely do a pattern, i'd love to knit it.


It is just right! Love the subtle frill-ruffle at the button band. It will look so good worn with a little dress too.


Count me in the "I want the pattern" list. Awesome as always.


Really really cute. I love that buttonband edging. I've always been put off by ruffle-ish things because of the tediousness involved. I think I may have to give it a go now. Is the sculpting grandfather your mom's dad??


I love how your dog always makes an appearance in your photos...he looks like a sweetie.

The cardigan looks great!!


sculpting grandfather is my mom's step-father...she never knew her real dad...such a long story. But the boob man was the only father she ever really knew! (and let me tell you, it's a novel...that story)


Oh, and Lauren, I have to say those ruffles were really easy. I just crocheted them directly onto the fabric. Really fast and easy. Double crochet, that is all it is...


Oooooh, I want one I want one! How am I ever gonna get 2 swing coats done now that there's this?!! BTW, these are FABULOUS photos of you, what a purdy gal! Loving your sleeping pup in the background too, he photographs quite nicely as well.


Cute sweater! Wow, are you pulling all-knit-nighters? Hey, bloglines stopped updating you on Sunday. I was getting worried, so I checked in and here you are blogging away ...
Not sure if you changed a feed or they messed up, you may want to contact them.


Wow! Love it! You've got me seriously longing for some of that Silky Tweed now. I'd buy your pattern -- put it up please! (BTW, my younger son really likes your dog.)


Love the sweater! Please post the pattern. The ruffles are perfect and do not overwhelm the sweater or annouce the ladies.


I read you everyday and haven't commented until now. I couldn't keep quiet on this cardigan - it's fantastic, and I would buy the pattern!


It's fabulous Wendy! You are so talented. You had me worried with the ruffles, but they look great. I love it, and I really like the color.

Miz Booshay

Dear Wendy,
You look so pretty with your hair pulled back!
I happen to love the ruffles on your sweater...I think they are the perfect touch :o)

Chuck is the coolest dog!

You just look so great in your sweater, jeans and boots!

And about your mother...she sounds lovely, droopy drawers and all.


love it, love it!!!! can't wait for a pattern, wherever and however you decide to publish. this is a great one!! just be sure to let us know how we, your fans, can find it.
i'll be putting all my other needles down (i have multi projects too) to work on this one. i even have some silky wool.


I'm another one that looks forward to your posts everyday, but have never responded. Please add me to the "I'll buy a pattern" brigade!!! I LOVE IT!!


One more question... What kind of boots are those? I was just telling my friend that I wanted to buy a pair of brown cowboy boots for this winter, and those look perfect!

Amy in Awe

GORGEOUS! Count me in on the pattern count. :-)


It looks great and I love the use of the ruffles. Most times they just remind me of those underpants I used to wear under my skirts when I was 3 but yours look tres chic.

And just to think, a few months ago you thought you were in a rut and didn't know what more you could knit. Now you're spitting out pattern after pattern.

If you would like a test knitter for this pattern, let me know. I'd be happy whip this one up.

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