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November 05, 2005



Why is it that I have been one of the first comments lately? I must like you or something ;-)

I know what you mean about not being able to finish socks. I can hardly do it too. And i think I have a better chance of finishing a pair on DPNs rather than two circulars, I don't know why, but i'm weird like that. My current sock project i think shall be finished in no time. Of course, they are footies on size 3 needles....


it's refreshing to read your blog. You make such cute and unique patterns and seem like a PERFECT kniter, but then you blog about you're mistakes and it makes me feel better LOL, like I'm not a complete idiot because 20% of the time when i knit I am frustrated by my mistakes!

FLAWED knitters unite! lol


I can't say anything about mistakes. I f--- up on everything I make. I call it handmade and I paraphrase that old faithful maxim about only Allah being perfect to cover my shame.


I know all too well about the flaw thing. Funny thing is, nobody else ever notices them. So just keep knitting those socks and everyone else will be none the wiser.
Didn't know you had a cat too! Thought ol' chuck was the main man in the house, besides HWWV of course.


Nope....The Bunny is our girl. Our 25-pound girl.

And when I say she sits around the house, I mean she sits AROUND the house... (yeah, bad joke).


great minds eh (or bad sock knitters) i was just waxing lyrical on the same subject over on my blog. I'm doing a sock with a weird heel shaping thing going on, it's not pleasing me so I'm gonna frog it and start again with a different pattern.
Love how The Bunny is sitting there with that cat smugness going on "hey Wendy, I see you have a flaw on this here sock..."

Jane in London

It's the mistakes that make them real, though... Otherwise, they'd just be another blah pair of socks knitted in mass production.


I have the same movie theater problem as you! (Give me stadium seating any day!)

The worst is teenagers who lean way back and kick the chair ('cuz they're pissed off that you took the seat in front of them, they had been sitting with their legs and dirty shoes slung over the seat back). I fix that by having 6' 4" Matt switch seats with me and sit up very straight. Kids behind can't see the screen over him, and they usually sit up and stop kicking.

elizabeth m

When I took Owen to Series of Unfortunate Events, a woman with a gaggle of wild children came into the theatre. It was NOT one of those designated "mommy showings" in which running amok is tolerated and even encouraged. Three of her monsters, including one little boy about 3 yrs old in LIGHT UP SHOES, were running all the way around the theatre, screaming, playing tag and hide and seek. And Little L.U.S. was jumping up and down to activate his LEDs right next to me, for most of the movie. I asked her to rein them in and she refused. So I reported her to management and had her removed from the theatre. Probably will be some karmic payback for that some day, but it was worth it at the time.


So Chuck has a friend! How exciting to see Bunny. She looks like a Zen cat in the 2nd photo.


It's good to know there's others that have flaws in their knitting. Most of the time nobody else will know about them, unless you point them out. ;)
I hate going to the movies too. We usually wait until it comes out on video, unless it's Harry Potter, or Star Wars. The family can't wait for those.
Good luck finishing your socks, and The Bunny is adorable, even with eyes closed. Looks like she's smiling.


You absolutely MUST learn to knit two socks on one circular needle. If I didn't use this technique, I would never finish more than one sock. REally, who wants to knit the same thing twice in the same yarn before they can even use the first. It is a flawed system, I tell you.


you've got some great taste in color, though.
my bf's cat is on the fluffy side, too. looks a little like an otter because when he lies down, the fluffiness spreads out. hehe.
i don't think you're a failure at socks. if you can do two sleeves for a sweater, then you can do socks. and i know you can rock the sleeves, so the sock thing is all in your head.
i usually get flustered when i'm doing several socks at one time, and they've all got different patterns. i forget where i am at which sock, so i try harder to keep it simple or just suck it up and keep going 'til i finish.
i know you can suck it up, wendy! and if that includes a gin & tonic, well, at least you'll feel better right? :)


Nothing makes me want to talk baby talk like a kitty with her eyes closed. Too darned cute!


Your blog, Wendy, has risen to the top of my must read blog list. You are great. It is strange, knowing you so seemingly well, and never having met you. You are my virtual friend.
I am a chronic one socker, bored off my rocker, until "you're putting me on socks" entered my life. Toe up, my gauge, my size, great fit, and I finish a pair, over and over! I knit til I run out of wool and slip them on and smile, as I start the next pair. It's a freebie online. recommended, flawless, fabulous. Cheers


First of all - Bunny. Love the Bunny. Of course, (the Really Big) Shew is jealous, but she'll get over it. Senor El Cinco would like to invite Bunny over to see his scratchpost, but I've already told him that she lives too far away and he can only stare at her on my computer screen. He has formally asked for a better close up.

Next? Socks. I love knitting socks. On #2 DPNs. One at a time. But it always seems that I have other stuff in the front of the queue. *sigh* Well, I guess if I can't knit them, they won't have flaws.


So - it's not just me? there is no perfect sock??? Whew!

And, I wanted to buy those croc clogs and the girls laughed at me... Now, I'm just gonna tell them "Wendy has them..." and it'll be okay! Thanks - I'm off to the mall!


I know i'm a day late on this one but i just need to comment on people who bring BABIES to R movies. I went to go see Jarhead over the weekend and toward the end of the movie every silence was ruined by some kid mewling in the background. What the hell are these parents thinking? Yes, i think i would be just FABULOUS for my one year old to see burned bodies and listen to copious gunfire- great idea- let's bring him to the movie!

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