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August 29, 2006



I love Silky Wool. I knit my husband a sweater from it and he's so cuddly when he wears it.

denise in c'ville, va

my laptop's keys messed up a lot -- the d and e -- the top of the keys would come off entirely. the condensed air only did so much.
eventually Dell sent me a new keyboard to drop in -- and no problems since.

adore silky wool. knit a shawl out of rust color. sigh. sweet stuff.


Soooooo glad that I just purchased all my Silky Wool from Webs on Monday! There won't be any left after everyone reads this! Your shrunken cardi will be going on the needles soon with mine.


My K was wacky a few months back. (oddly enough I'm a K name, must be overuse!) Apple very kindly replaced the whole keyboard - and it was under warranty. I'm sure I had some croutons and martini olives in mine too. Now my E is the one causing all of the problems.

I love Silky Wool, I must rush over to Webs.


I am just finishing the shawl in the new Rebecca with Silky Wool in the most beautiful rose color for me Memere. Lovely stuff!

Now that you've wiped out the "W", how about the g.e.o.r.g.e??? :-)


Sillky Wool discontinued! Why ever would they do that??

It's one of my favorites too! Is it a might or a will? I didn't get any at the WEBS sale because it's in my stash, but if it's going to be discontinued - must stock up!


Perhaps they're not discontinuing it completely? Just certain colors? (Yarn dex says it's currently being produced). Needleworks by Holly Berry house in Colorado Springs carries a ton of Silky Wool....


Elsebeth did NOT call me about that, and I am ticked! I get all the latest info from your blog! Thanks for the link to WEBS. I adore Silky Wool, and the Tweed is a close second.


I like silky wool, but I have not tried silky tweed, I'll order some up and give it a try on your recomendation.

So did you buy an apple or do you own an apple? I have a G4 powerbook and the powercord sucks beyond anything I have ever experienced. I am on #3. Apparently the new intel ones have a nice re-designed powercord. On the mac site there is like 2903819084 complains in the reviews section for the old ones. I guess I'm stuck with it for a while. I do love my powerbook over all though.

Toby my little dog knocked the O key off, and i went to apple to have them replace it and the idiots used a piece from an imac under the key so now that key is shorter then any other key on the keyboard. GRRR!!

I do love my 12 inch powerbook though. It does everything I want and I didn have to install anything but adium (if you havn't tried it check it out, it's great) oh and I use fetch to upload files and stuff.


Silky TWEEED, my friends, not silky WOOL...


Would you post the yarn substitutes on your blog too? I bought the pattern, but I haven't joined the Sexy Knitters KAL.


Renee, I'll post a link to the club. It's an open site. You can just take a look at it there.


Wendy, I'm knitting Sizzle for the KAL. I just have to wait to get home to download the pattern, and then pick a yarn (the hardest part for me). There's three that catch my eye, and I will be making the neckline a little higher. I'm so glad that your pattern was chosen. It's a good excuse to buy more yarn!


Is it a vain hope that its just Webs that's not carrying the Silky Tweed anymore and KFI simply not dc'ing it?

I'm currently knitting up your Marilyn NSSC in the brown silky tweed and it feels divine once knitted up. And it's nice to knit with too! Of course, I bought the silky tweed at my lys which had it on sale before Webs put it up for sale ('cept not as cheaply).


hmm I was hoping it wasn't acutally discontinued. i've seen webs put yarn on closeout but the yarn wasn't discontinued... but maybe that is just wishful thinking.

i ordered a ton of black silky wool last week (yum!), but I am really tempted by that color you have! Is that 004? :)


...Yeah, it is 004, or at least I think it is!

Dorothy B

I eat over my computer too. You would think they would change the keyboards a little. They know everyone does it.


I eat over my keyboard at work ALL THE TIME. Kinda embarrassing when I have to turn it over and shake it out.

At home? No one is even allowed to eat food in the same room!


You don't sweat, you "glisten" heh...


These little asides about your book are KEEEELLLLING me. I can't wait to see an entire volume of Wendy designs. :)


Could it be that HWWV is a Rockstar Supernova fan like me? Toby rocked Rebel Yell last night! (down with Dilana, she's so over-rated)

Oh, and about eating at the computer...I went to Catholic school... my computer teacher a nun...
I now have major guilt problems when I eat at my own computer!


That's funny Sahara - I was thinking the same thing about Rock Star Supernova... must've been on.


...Yup it was on, and he was pretending he was a rock star, too.


Crap - you are kidding?!? I haven't even heard from a rep about it (not that that's surprising or anything). Well shoot. I may have to buy out all of my own inventory just to hoard the stuff.


I will be totally bummed if that Silky Wool is discontinued! It is a fab yarn! It knits up beautifully, and I love how it drapes and feels. Yummy!

(This is just like lipstick! They get you hooked on one, then they discontinue it!!!)

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