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December 04, 2007



lovely dress!


Just love the collar on the Brioche and that dress - so cute!

Wonder if the Blue Sky Alpacas Sportweight would be a good sub...hmmm.


I was wondering what was going to happen w/ that lovely black cashmere. It's beautiful.


Oh my heavens so cute

Miz Booshay

It most certainly works great!!!!

Totally adorable!

You have amazing style!!


That is so very "you". I like how simple it is yet it's still very original.


It's fabulous!


oh my goodness Wendy, I have 9 balls of black Elann.com cashmere that I bought and I have been DYING to use it....only thing is, I need to find out what this Brioche is that you speak of ;) I am so out of knitters touch!

Oh, and by the way, cute fingerless mitts you had on in the post about Mr. StashyStrada Policeman ticket giver :) Is this one of your patterns I can add to my collection???


The fingerless mitts were ones I made up as I knitted them! No pattern here!


Here's a fingerless mitts recipe Wendy posted a while back, so those who are asking about the pattern can do something similar: http://knitandtonic.typepad.com/knitandtonic/2006/12/i_tell_you_what.html

Sorry, I don't know code. You'll have to copy and paste into your browser.


Heh heh. You know what? I totally forgot about that little recipe. Oy.


another lovely pattern, wendy.


I love this design! I'll probably figure it out, but any tips for those of us who want/need a longer version? I love this on you, but on me it would end just above my soft jiggley parts and that is SO not where I want to draw attention.


If you wanted to lengthen it, you would just work it an extra inch and then add a few increase intervals (every 6 rows or so) for your waist shaping. Then, when it is the length you want--take into account the width of the belt--bind off. You'll need a little bit more yarn if you want to lengthen it.


Does this sweater really use brioche stitch in the round? I've been looking for a pattern that does.


No, the strip that is the collar is just a strip that is connected in the round after it is made. From there, the sweater is worked down to the hem. I don't think there is a way to do Brioche in the round so that the ridges run horizontally.


*super*cute Wendy!! I hope it looks as fab on me as it does on you!


Really great pattern. I would love to make it. Could you give me a few suggestions for yarn that does not have alpaca, wool or cashmere in it. Something beautiful that would still hold its shape. Thanks for the great ideas~!


SaDonna, hit Yarndex.com. You can do a search by yarn gauge and find something you like.


So cute! Not something that would work w/my 36Gs, but I can see a couple of people I know in it....


It's really cute! But I'm very concerned about you standing in the middle of the road. WATCH OUT!


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Debbie Cook

What size needles do you use on the collar I'm knitting the BRIOCHE sweaterthe pattern doesn't state what needle to use

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