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April 02, 2005



Oh, that is a complete shame. It should hold up better than that -- a little ONE TIME knitting friction -- it shouldn't do that! It looks marvelous on you. I hope that maybe washing it in a little silk wash or Eucalan or even a vinegar-water rinse will make it look like new? Give it a try.


Thanks for the tip, Norma. To make it worse, after all the sweating, etc., we went to lunch and when I got up from the chair I looked at the back of the camisole, and the fuzz was even worse in back!

I have Eucalan, and I will give it a go. I really like the way it looks, so we shall see!


oh no about the pills, but it looks gorgeous!


your tank looks great on you. i have that project on my list. i'll either substitute the yarn or follow norma's advice.


I made a scarf in La Luz and have had the same problem with pilling and general fuzziness. I'll be interested to see if the washing works so I can try it with my scarf!


I had fun looking at past entries and projects! You are a talented knitter. Your tank is gorgeous... too bad about the pilling. Have you tried Norma's advice yet?
Oh and I saw that you made the cropped sweater from Rebecca! I love that pattern! I need to spend more time knitting and less time blogging so i can amp up my finished projects list! ta ta

Miz Booshay

Oh don't you just hate it when your best laid plans go South?

It sure looks pretty on you tho!


Oh, the La Luz. Love it, but it just doesn't hold up. Even for one wearing! Beware! Still haven't gotten around to washing it, but I will!

MaryB in Richmond

I don't know anything about La Luz, but I know that silk is WAAAAAY warmer than cotton. Silk, not wool, is what serious long underwear is made of.

That's why Silk Garden is so hot -- it's both silk *and* wool....

But, girl, it's gorgeous! Shave the pills and wear it for special occasions (like taking out the garbage in an earlier post?). It's fabulous.


What a great pattern and it turned out beautifully. I want to knit it now too. I had the same problem with pilling recently and I was so disgusted--when you pay a bundle for high-end yarn you just want a little respect, ya know? It wasn't La Luz, but I'm trying Norma's advice. Your photos and blog are very witty--your projects are awesome!


But your hair looks fantastic!

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