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August 15, 2005



OH MY GOSH!!!! I love that you have your own patterns now!!!! Great job on this one and I am off to buy the pattern. You are a star miss tonic!

Kitty Kitty

Girlfriend is way to cute in the swing coat. Makes my ovaries hurt.

You did such a great job on your pattern.


Hmmm,you don't think that by facing Girlfriend away from us we won't notice she's eating ice cream, do you? Bribe?? She's too cute- love the boots! Not everyone could carry off that look!


this is too adorable... i WISH i had my own girlfriend to knit one for. you think i could make it in a 34 bust?


I love it, I want it, I'm gonna have to get it, BTW, you chose the perfect collar treatment, that is exactly what I was hoping you'd do! Oh, and also, when did you find the time to churn out the little tubular top and scarf, sheesh, you're un-stopable!


Gorgeous! I love it.
Can we buy those adorable boots to go along with the pattern?


Congratulations on your first pattern! How exciting!!! Let us know when you make one for us "older girlfriends", and keep up the beautiful work.


Awesome! My girlfriend will be getting one for the Fall. Thank you!


Congratulations! This is absolutely the cutest swing coat (I think my mom use to call them 'dusters'). Terrific job Wendy. :-)


hmm Wendy. Is that Icecream that I see :)


I hope you continue to design beautiful patterns like this one! I see I'm not alone in hoping for an adult version of this one, or other great patterns. Keep them coming!


Oh my goodnees! How long have you been knitting again?! My Miss V is going to be the cutest thing ever in that!


very cool. You are Miss Cool Designer.
Now make something for us big girls too.

(love the cute pink cowgirl boots!)


So cute!


Great, Great, Great Wendy! Love the swing coat, and Girlfriend looks stylin' in those pink boots. Wonder where I can get a pair?
BTW - because you have inspired me with yours, I've started a blog! Hubby thinks I'm a head case for doing it. ha ha
Also -
How is your tooth doing now?


Too cute!! Love the boots! Can I ask what size you made for Girlfriend? I have a tall but extremely skinny 5 year old that's gonna get one of these!!


Hi Karyn: Girlfriend is wearing a 4...she's going to be three in September, but she is rather tall and broad and wears a 4T in store-bought clothing.

The nice thing about this pattern is that you can make it as long or short as you like. If your girl is skinny, go for the 4 and then add length, especially if she is narrow in the shoulders. Or go for the five, add length, and know that she'll get even more wear out of it.


Karyn: I meant go for the six, not the five!


You are an official knitwear designer! I have a rather lanky 1 year old that might need this sweater for Xmas.


This is unrelated, but since the weather took a turn on the cool side and the start of school being around the corner, I feel the need to knit a fall jacket.

Did you like the feel of Elann's Den_M-Nit? as I was thinking of making "Saffy" from Rowan's Denim People. Does it feel comfortable ?
Is it worth the effort?


Thanks Wendy! I got my pattern and I'm ready to go! It's so cute! It's perfect for Kindergarten.


Wendy, did you have to bribe her with the ice cream to put it on?? Very nice, fortunately, or unfortunately, I don't have a little one to make it for anymore. My youngest daughter will be 13 next month.


your swing coat is so cute on Girlfriend (let her wear her bathing suit under the coat--what a hilarious bribe). i love the collar and the increase-shaping down the middle of the back. congrats and good luck with the pattern!

Also, both Tubular Camisole and Gioia Scarf turned out beautifully.


Oy I was just informed by kiddo that not only does she NEED a sweater Just Like That but the boots too! Hello? Cowboy er girl boots in Italy? Humm. Lovely lovely work and as already said, looking forward to more more more from you (and for big girlfriends too!) (:


That picture is just too cute! Love Girlfriend's pink boots.

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