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September 12, 2005



Congrats Wendy! good to see the maths didn't send you crazy :) keep them coming, you're doing a great job.


Thanks Taryn! One of my lovely blogging friends helped me out...(well actually a lot of people helped me!)

Cheryl Stephens

hi wendy,

you are very talented! is there any way to get a front view of girlfriends swing coat sweater? it's adorable. thanks!


Buyin' it!


I'm so excited, Ill buy the pattern as soon as I find some yarn. But why is there no size 42"?


I just bought it! Thanks Wendy. I can't wait to start.


There is a 42! Just a typo on my part!


It looks gorgeous Wendy! How would you rate it on a knitting-know-how scale? Advanced beginner? (I'm hoping here!)


I would say this is intermediate beginner only...very easy.


yippy!!! buying it now. i have the yarn ready to go. i bought the silky tweed (120ml) so got a few extra skeins because there's not quite as much yardage as the wool (175ml) can't wait to start, but not as speedy of a knitter as you!!! thanks for all your hard work.


The sweater looks great--I love it!


you'll be re-naming your blog "knit & tonic designs" soon! wtg!


how do you think it would hold up using SWTC bamboo?
I have the perfect colour for it!

Thanks for the pattern! I can't wait until tonight when I get home from work!


Just got my pattern. Can't wait to read through it and pick out a yarn. Excellent!


Can you tell me a bit more about the pattern. I mean, I'm in love with it but is there a lot of picking up stitches? What level knitter would you recommend knit this? Okay, so it's out. I'm a wimp with patterns. I need things like "beginner", "advanced beginner", "easy", "intermediate". YOu get the picture. Thanks!


This pattern would be intermediate beginner to advanced beginner. One needs to know how to knit in the round and be able to pick up stitches for the button band and around the neck.


I bought it and look forward to starting a new project. I like this pattern alot! Thanks for sharing with me.


Great patterns! I would love to buy both of them- is there any other way that I could pay you for them? I don't do PayPal (they really screwed me over a few months ago)

Girlfriend is so CUTE!

Lynn in WI

Love the cardigan!! I just bought it and you should know that I never buy patterns (ask Miz Booshay, she can verify this!) But this one I can't pass up. Now, if I can just get my printer working...


Just bought it, thanks Wendy! Now I need to decide what color to knit it in.


ooh very exciting. perhaps this will be a great christmas present for my mother, shes a petite but busty gal so shes not into super tight things.. yay. I'm going to order this soon :)

Kathy B.

OK! I've just purchased & downloaded my copy. Thank you so much for writing in that extended size range-- I really empathize with your math phobias on that issue! I'm sure I'm not the only one that will appreciate the time you took to work out the calculations for the other sizes! And by the way, the pattern looks great, too-- nicely laid out and very professional (like I'd know, but hey.) I also love the addition of the story about your mom & her loathing for garments that pinch in all the wrong places. ;)


Congrats Wendy on another great design!


Yey Wendy- You Rock!!


What a great design! I can't wait to knit it. I think I may do a really fun off the wall color combination...hmmm? I'll have to think more on that. Congrats wendy!

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