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December 08, 2005


lori z

I think that once my christmas knitting has been completed that I might partake in a little cowl knitting. thanks.


I love it! I'm defintely buying it! Now only if I already had yarn in my stash to whip this baby up.


yay i cant wait to get started!


I love the layout! Great shot of you in the wicker chair. It's such a great pattern.


wonderful cowl, and I love the colour! keep them coming. I will only be interested in larger size if christmas cooking takes a bigger toll than usual ;)


Yay, just bought the Somewhat Cowl. I'm so good at adding projects to my lineup and not good at finishing them, but I cannot wait to start this one. Thanks for the hot pattern!




That's incredibly fabulous! I love the pictures, too.


Beautiful pics and cowl...like always! Has HWWV ever thought of being a photographer?...he's really good:o)


Congrats on another great pattern Wendy!


Man! You're whipping patterns out like they're nothing! I'm jealous.

Could you wait for me to get around to the essential stripe before coming up with ANOTHER beauty?


Sexy! You did a great job.


That is a great sweater.


Is this sweater knit top down? Just curious as I know that you tend to knit sweaters that way. Love the cowl!!


top down....


This is beautiful... I love the close fit of it. I've got to put it on my list of purchases for after the holidays.


I love this top. Will definetly buy this one after I finish my current project. Not only do I love the look but I love the fact that it is knit top down. All my best and most fun projects are knit top down. BTW, you are amazingly fast at popping out great patterns.


AHH WENDY- you are cruel to tempt me with this fabulous cowl when I am hip deep in christmas knitting!

hmmm or maybe I cross my finger and wish reallllly hard and kpixie will have the yarn and pattern all wrapped up nice in a kit for the new year... are you listening kpixie ;)


Kristen, I think kpixie will be doing a kit for us...


that's wonderful--it looks beautiful on you! i am getting ready to try my first sweater after the holidays, and i think i may have to start with one of yours. still so scared...


Just bought it - it looks great!


De-lurking to say how beautiful your cowl is and how much i would love to see it designed for a 47" bust! So pretty!! And I already have enough yarn in that beautiful ice blue!


Can I just say that I love the fact that you make sweaters with long short sleeves. None of this unflattering cap sleeve action. Thank you.


I think it's so wonderful that your designing has taken off so much. I remember when everyone was encouraging you to dive in like it was yesterday. Now you seem to be churning out something fabulous every other day!


it turned out beautiful!! Congrats!

As soon as my finals are over I might just give this one a whirl!

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