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February 28, 2006



LOL. The old two sleeves at once trick.

I just finished a sweater. Knit both sleeves at once. The sweater is now assembled. The sleeves are equal--yesterday they were two inches too long--today they are four inches too long. Were the needles knitting when I wasn't looking? Did they keep doing phantom knitting even after I cast off?

Yes--knitting and golf.



I can't wait to see the Marble Sweater! Oh, and my p.j.s are actually polar bears. I really don't know my blue pj animals at all.


I hate little mistakes like that, but then I always turn around and say that's what makes them hand made. I repeat this to myself as I spend hours frogging and reknitting. It looks like it's going to be gorgeous on you though.


I cringed when I read the other day that you were doing your sleeves at the same time. Brought back memories of a sweater I did last year. I thought I was so smart doing the sleeves that way, but they were totally screwed up. I left them, so at least you have the smarts to fix your goof!
Can't wait to see how it works out, and be careful with that steamer, don't want ya steaming yourself. ;)

Golf? Yuck.(sorry)


Hello Wendy,
so sorry about the sleeve.... that might give me a chance to catch up. Just halfway through the back and one sleeve to go (who says that you have to knit back-front-sleeve-sleeve...... :-)
this yarn is so soft and cuddly.
have a nice day, Petra


Holy crap! That auto-fill button got my whole name in there. Yikes!


I once tried to do two sleeves at once....and I ended up with two right sleeves. It sucked when I realized I needed a left sleeve.

I knew I liked you for a reason...someone else who realizes that the best part of golf is the beer cart.


Oh dear. Oh dear. Can you just rip back to the top shaping? Not the whole thing? I hope.

About golf, I'm so bad at golf, I have to let people play through at mini-golf.


I have a tendency to lean toward top down sweaters to elimate seams, so I do my sleeves one at a time. Last time I did a sweater with sleeves I did them both at the same time, and they're both a couple of inches too long (I guess I thought that I am an orangutang)

Kaitie Tee

Your sweater is looking good. I need a Scunci steamer!


I think it must have been the beer girl (or maybe a handsome young caddie?).

P.S. My Something Red, which is actually something palest green, is a joy so far. Thanks.


Jessica! No, not the young boy caddie, but I tell you, there were a couple in Santa Barbara that deserved a tip or a wink (but from me, I'm figuring a tip would be more what they want).

I checked out your blog, and I was hoping to see your Something Green. I'll check back often to see if you post a photo or two.


2 sleeves at once. I do that. I don't know why I bother, they are never ever ever identical. Obviously the person who thought up that trick does not have a child.

I have steamer envy. They sell those here for cleaning the grout and whatnot. Don't know why I didn't think of using them for blocking. Housework - not so appealing, instantish blocking - gotta have it.

Golf, ah what memories.


Hi. where did you get your steamer at?? I see qvc sells them, and not sure if I need the one w/all the attatchments?? btw, love your blog.


Why didn't I think of using my steamer? What a great idea. Mine is not nearly as cute & funky as yours, though.

Liz K.

When I make boneheaded mistakes in my knitting, ones I totally did not anticipate, as I rip and rip away, I try to remind myself that knitting is a meditation on impermanence, on precision, on trying and failing and trying and succeeding. I doubt the Zen masters curse and grumble as much as me, but then again, I bet they didn't knit.


Sherry, I got the Scunci at Target...



I'll let you know when I have a photo of Something Green up on the blog. Right now I'm about 300 yards into it.

Jen the Knittingspaz

i've really enjoyed checking in with you especially on the last two posts. YAY! I'm not the only one who makes mistakes in their knitting and has to rip back. Thanks for being human.


I've never golfed before, just made fun of my friends who do. but, there's a beer girl?? who BRINGS you beer?? on the course?! I gotta get out there!

Persnickety Knitter

I have the same Scunci steamer and I love it. I bought it for blocking (after hearing a recommendation from Annie Modesitt) but then I went crazy in my kitchen. Ugggh, the stuff that came out of the cracks in my refrigerator, stove, you name it. If it had a crack, I steam-cleaned it. ;)

Love the knitting/golf analogy. In my household, my husband golfs obsessively and I knit obsessively.


I've knit sweaters and socks for relatives and have never had the fear of a gifted item fall apart until recently. I made a "simple" baby sweater out of mercerized cotton and had the stupid idea to jazz it up with stripes. All those slippery ends to weave in combined with it's likelihood to be machine washed! Aaaahhhh! I don't know if it will last.


I just started the karabella shawl collar sweater... wondering how yours finished up. Any pictures?

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