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April 19, 2006


Karen B.

You have a hell of a way of telling a story - and showcasing your work. I bet people tell you that "you rock" everyday!


I wanna join your gym. Mine is SO boring. Of course, the crazies are sleeping at 5:30am which is the only time I get to the gym.

I LOVE the ponchette. I can see that in black over a white tank and white capris....hmmmm giving me a thought here.


hey!! I JUST bought that pattern, not five minutes ago. Although I am thinking of using some DB Cathay, if I can find it in the moving aftermath.


that is TOOO cute! Too bad hemp or bamboo won't be on sale this weekend.... maybe if I'm lucky it'll be of the "selected others!"


That was way too funny. We have a guy that likes to air out his gym shorts and what is under them using the floor fan in the weight area...not a pretty sight but one you can't help but watch. And that poncho....I am gonna make one now! Just gorgeous.


LOVE the ponchette, I have to make it! I haven't been going to my gym for that long yet (but I'm already impatient to be in shape) but it seems to be missing the interesting people at yours. However, the cardio machines do overlook the weight area, which is always full of nicely muscular men in their early twenties. Good incentive to work out... was I talking about knitting?


beautiful ponchette


Would you mind taking a camera phone or something to the gym so we can see this too? I swear, these stories so odd that they have to be true.

(And I love the ponchette color by the way.)


Yeah, was thinking about a camera phone but I don't know...what about all those permissions I'd have to deal with?


Beautiful ponchette!


You're so damn cute!


Seriously - your gym stories make me regret going to an all girl gym. You have the most interesting people at your gym...the only thing I have seen at mine is a girl talking on a cell phone for 1.5 hrs while laying on a mat in the floor/ab work area. She did about 8 crunches (the cardio area faces the ab area, I couldn't help but stare!)in that time, then ended her call and left the gym.

Your Ponchette is gorgeous!

Erica B.

I'm like the first one to say, "Hell no to the Poncho!", but that is so cute! Job well done!


Wow, I wouldn't have thought that you could pull it off but it looks gorgeous! Sort of like an airy shawl.


Girrll, that is soo cute!

Email me so we can get together.


I'm relishing (no intentional food-color association with the ponchette) the juxtposition of the ponchette - a risky move in this fashion climate, and your story of the shiny-blue-shoeless-acrobat-wannabe.

All with a striped sock and HWWV as the solid, predictable fashion-do's! (no need for the ', but I didn't want to write dos, as in two, or does, as in a conjugated form of to do)

I must say, cool ponchette - airy, Bohemian...a totally different style than I associate with you. Rock on!



Martha (another one)

Yes. The days that you feel special, people usually notice. I just hate it when it's the dirty men that notice instead of the cool people.

And you have to have an ensemble AND body language. One or the other gets you halfway, but both to be extra-special.

Do you have a different secret identity now that you're a super-knitter? You know, the identity that makes you feel extra-special some days.


Shelagh, I have to admit, my personal style is a lot more like this than anything else!


OK. Next time I join a gym, I'm going to have to ask first to make sure they have some crazy, wacky people to watch. Curves just AIN'T like that!

Love the poncho! Love the color! I couldn't wear a poncho b/c I'd look like I weighed 300 lbs ('bout what I FEEL today), but I CAN wear that color ("Can do, la." or is it just "Can."). Might be a weird question, but does the hemp yarn smell at all? Had some hemp lotion from Body Shop that I had to toss b/c I couldn't take the smell. Come to think of it, Hubby probably wouldn't want hemp in the house anyways...Do love the color, though!


You make ponchos look cool!


Trust me, there's nothing about hemp that will be mind altering, except for the feel of it. And it doesn't smell! Not a whit!


Oh, and Wendy Darling (pun intended) -- I think you'd stand out as special anywhere, any day. OK, even that picture of you in the closet in your flannel jammie pants, a t-shirt, and Chuck a while back (WHY do I remember such detail???) - special. Always special. Sometimes, rolling around in the yarn fab. Sometimes, kooky buddy fab. Sometimes, long-distance pal with a kindred pain special, but ALWAYS, ALWAYS special and fab. AB FAB.


damn. i thought he was going to strip naked and do something.

please do show that sock - it looks awesome!


Another keeper!! Avocado not my color but looks great on you. Cute green toile top underneath!! Is that the same yarn you used for the wrap on the garter belt? I'd like to make one of those to take on our Hawaii vacation in 27 days!!

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