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May 30, 2006



Great colors and I really like that neckline. A pox on that guy! Counting down the hours?


Zib, you.....you! I just wiped the Carnival Shawl off the On the Needles List for a bit of lightness (it's not done and I don't care) and then you remind me? Oh man.


Regardless of the size, those are some cute booties, and a hottie top too! You can't go wrong!

I heard about that guy at Zib's...what a loser. Now that the knitblog community is on to him, I like to think he'll get whats coming to him and have to stop.


Nice top! I think you just like showin' your cleavage. ;)
Really, it's great!

I agree with Jillian. I hope that dude gets what's coming to him. Bird flu maybe?

Erica B.

That top looks great on you! I may have to add Tulip to my To-Knit list!


Tulip is super-duper. Love everything about it!

Your baby socks remind me of my first pair of adult socks (made six months ago). Still trying to shrink them, 'cause my feet have stopped growing -- I hope; otherwise, look out for the EBay shoe bonanza in size 9.


wow! i love your tulip!!! do you mind if i post your photo to my blog?


I have the same problem with booties. I usually have to go down at least two needle sizes.

The go-go boots will go great with the mini skirt too!


You look amazing in that top, Wendy! And I LOVE those colours. The booties are sweet. I remember knitting booties that looked like they were sized for a baby sasquatch. Lucky for me, the woman in question had an 11 pound baby! As for the pattern stealing thing - I am never amazed by these thieves anymore. But they are really screwing it up for everyone because there will come a point in time when nobody offers any of their patterns for free (if at all). Bastards.


The booties look so soft. Really, isn't it the thought that counts? Tell the couple it's good luck for a strong, healthy little peanut.

Another winner of a top for you, Wendy! Tulip, what an apropos name.

The eBay guy: it's so depressing, I don't even know what to say.


Jeez....what are ya doin knittin booties when you're supposed to be finishing the carnival shawl??! Are you mad??! For those beautiful booties, I think they should name a lettuce wrap after you!


Holy Baloo (in reference to The Pattern Thief). I have two words for the rightful creators of said patterns - LAW SUIT (OK, technically, it's one word, but I felt it needed extra emphasis). Really. That's why they invented lawyers (apart from the urgent need to sell BMWs).


Oh, I do so hope that guy gets not only booted off eBay, but cited and fined, etc. The booties are great. Don't worry about their not being newborn size. I mean really, babies put their feet in their mouths. Would you have wanted to pick angora fuzz out of Girlfriend's mouth as she's making hacking, gagging sounds b/c she doesn't like the feel?

I love the stripes & the ribbing! I also love how you didn't stress about trying to get both halves of the upper part of it to have the same stripe pattern.

Finish the shawl. Just kill it off and be done with it. You'll have one less thing to worry about (says the woman who's had her sister's poncho sitting in a bag for a year, waiting for repairs).


LOVE your Tulip -- I may just have to breakdown & buy that pattern to knit for myself. You're photo inspired me to try to knit for myself again!


nice sweater! so summery! (longing for summer here!)

Meredith Wright

The booties are cute... I know what you mean about sizing though.. I made my daughter baby uggs and the word "baby" does not apply. I think they will fit her when she is 3!!!


Jo Sharp is already all over the knit tap pants. Check your newest IK and weep.


Wow that makes me so mad. How can someone steal like that.


They will love the baby booties. Your Tulip top is lovely, I love the stripes and the yarn looks so comfy. It appalls me that someone would take copyrighted free patterns and turn around and sell them. Sadly the people who buy his download probably don't know that they are being ripped off too.


You're looking very fetching in Tulip. It looks like a quick knit and great for summer, but I'd have to raise the V a little for me cuz, well, you know.


Are you making booties from Zoe Mellor's 50 Baby Booties to Knit? My friend, Heather, and I have decided to toss that book because all of our attempts have turned out kid sized, as well. So disappointing.

The booties are still beautiful, though! The kid will fit into them eventually and love them. :)


I have the same issue with baby booties! I made my first pair and they were waaaay big so I gave them to Goodwill as I was too embarassed to give them as a gift. Evil baby booties...


I think Tulip is such a sweet-looking knit. I really have to cast on for something with a bit more merit than a washcloth. I know you aren't going to do the matchy Mommy/Daughter outfits...


Tulip turned out really cute!!

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