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May 31, 2006


lori z

hey wendy, you look great in that dress!


You two look so fabulous!


I am stunned! Girlfriend's dress is FABULOUS. After checking book after book after book for something cute to knit for my 3yr old next summer - I find it here. Thank you Wendy, it is stylish, cute, pretty, cool, hip, unique, classic, fun, practical... and I can't wait to knit it. Keep up the designing - this will be my second Wendy-knit - I loooooved knitting the dreamswatch head band. Next...


Gorgeous! I don't suppose I could modify it to fit my 18-year-old for her first "real" job this summer, hunh? Guess not. Tulip, extended over her 32-inch hips, might be a better bet. What's that wonderful, shorn bamboo stuff on the right side of the front door? Is that the new wheatgrass? So cool.


Thank you for making such a wonderful dress!
I am really looking forward to making it for my two girls :-)
From Karine in Norway


Girlfriend looks amazing - especially accessorizing with pink boots, so hip! That would have been my dream dress about 25 yrs ago. Actually, it is my dream dress at 30...in black...god I wish I could find the perfect A-line dress, they just don't seem to make them anymore. But I digress. Your designs are always fantastic (I'm a lurker who is usually too shy to comment).


Another amazing pattern! I love the Jan A-line dress! It is so cute on Girlfriend! I think the ribbon and buckle are the perfect touches too!

There is a little girl at the LYS who knits with us on Tuesdays...she is desperately trying to finish a scarf...I think I will make this for her since I have no girls of my own.



Oh to size it up with a pair of white go go boots! Excellent! My niece would be the hit of pre-school in this! Thank you.


You have the cutest kid ever, second to mine, of course.

Adorable dress.

And I always wanted to be Jan- Cindy was always whining and Marcia was always too...Marcia.


Jan was always my favorite Brady girl. I never even thought Marcia was pretty -- her features were too pinched. I can just see her in as a suburban matron. Too thin from too much tennis and looking tense because the world isn't perfect like she is. Cindy? Too cutesy.

Love the dress. I wonder if I can get my 11 yo to wear one?


Wow! So adorable - you two look fantastic! I better finish the other patterns I've bought from you before I buy another, right?


While I love tunic-dress, and you look stunning, I find that which is at your feet most telling...

Is it done? Fingers crossed for you.


Oh Wendy,

How I HEART your creativity. You and Girlfriend look so chic!

Perhaps a Jan A-Line Dress will be in my little girls wardrobe. SOON.


So cute- GF is a doll! There was a "Brady-a-thon" a few weekends back and the girls and I spent too many hours watching the Brady's - love them... I'd much rather be watching that with them than most of the cra* on TV now! Our problems should all be as big as Cindy accidentally giving away Marsha's diary, so that in the end she actually gets to meet the dreamy Desi Arnaz Jr!


Absolutely A-dorable!! Another Wendy Hit!!
The two of you look so chic! I'll bet you would wear that brown dress more often if you got rid of the sleeves.
Also, loved the Tulip too!


I really don't understand how GF gets prettier by the day! I know she has good genes, but seriously -- By.The.Day.


this is just the sweetest little number i ever did see! and it looks like girlfriend really likes it!

i'll be buying it for my little niece, i'm sure.


Adorable - the dress, Girlfriend, you. It's the Adorable Family! The ribbon and buckle really make the outfit.

carrie m

oh so cute. you capture the jan aesthetic. (i always loved the one with her kooky great aunt, who looked like jan when she was a child. jan learned that even tho her great aunt was kinda ugly, she'd led a great life.)


How much of the darker pink and how much of the lighter pink or am I missing something in the "materials needed"? Thanks


No. The pattern states that you can use about a third of the total yardage for the contrasting color


You know, I saw all six "Brady kid" actors on a game show a few years back, and Eve Plum had aged wonderfully. She looked very hip and classy. So, power to the Jans!

The A-line is completely adorable!


may there be gazillions of Jans running about the playground - i know i'll be making 2 for sure. GREAT pattern, once again. genius!


I think of all the Brady women I'd want to be Carol. Seriously. Marcia was too perfect, Jan had issues, and Cindy had that annoying lisp that lasted for darn near forever.
Now Carol is where it was at. Mod clothes, cool pixie haircut, has a housekeeper but is still somehow a housewife. That woman had the life. And being married to Mike Brady? I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers. ;)

The dress is awesome. I just have to wait for the only baby girl in my life (my niece) to get out of newborn layettes... then its on.


The Wee MonkeyGurrl was watching a Brady-thon last week - it was the only t.v. we would allow since current programming makes her too sassy. I think there's an a-line in her future.

To echo everyone, you and GF look fabulous. I have to wonder how HWWV can stand to be around such glamour pusses.

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