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June 11, 2006



Oh, Wendy, I feel your pain. Knit through it.


Are you kidding me????!!! I can't even think of anything to say about that, that doesn't include a bunch of cussing. But this is your blog, so I'll keep it nice.
That sucks.

But, I must say your new top is magnificent, and I think I was right when I said before that you like to show your cleavage. ;)
You look very chic, and also? HOT!
Love the red too.


Oh, no!

The shawl is on my to do list, but it seems to be on the bad karma list.

But the new project. WOW, that is beautiful.



That's all I'm capable of right now.


That's hilarious! All that worry for nothing. I guess, you live and you learn.


OH MY! Oy...

The top is cute, though.


Wow. I'm so sorry about that thing none of us will mention again. May it all pass quickly.

The top is so very cute. And I like it low cut. If you've got it, flaunt it.


awesome top. i've been looking for something like that.

spontaneously combust...yeah, i've witnessed that before...the time when one of my female friends found out she was pregnant and her boyfriend of several years blurted out "oh great! not YOU too!" come to find out, he was cheating on her with someone else and got that other girl pregnant, too. not a pretty sight. i had to book it out of there right quick or else i'd have been an innocent-bystander-turned-casualty-of-war.


won't mention anything but my total adoration for the new top that you have done. I can't wait for the pattern!! I love the LOW cut!!


Quick, put those motifs in the closet, deep in the closet and don't look back.

You and your top look slammin'...boobage and all:o) Very sexy.


I love this sweater, I can't wait for the pattern to come along! Wonderful job and it shows *just* enough!


Oh, boy. You poor thing. Shove those things away in a closet somewhere. (The carnival shawl motifs that is.) Better yet, find a big trash bag. That would have pissed me off.


TATA indeed, grasshopper! Love the shell. As far as the other thing is concerned...what other thing? Nothing to see here folks, move along....


Woman, don't you dare make me break the knitting nightmare diet for that pattern. lol You need to wait another 2-3 weeks before putting that pattern up, please.

Gorgeous. Just simply gorgeous.


Oh no she DIDN'T!!! I say burn it!! Very cute top. Another winner.


I love this top - I am so looking forward to making it.


I am completely floored. Really, somebody peel me off the linoleum. I suggest you finish the damn thing while she's still there, wrap yourself in it and not a stitch else, and parade it through the living room: "THIS shawl. Remember now?"

Love the shell. Adorable, and red to boot. Perhaps you should dye the shawl red to subvert it and make it yours...


Lizbon, you are genius. I would suggest the red-est of the Chinese reds. That should do the trick. And I won't even do my Mystic Tan first. Or shave. Or wash my hair. I'll just crawl out onto the floor wearing the thing, and they'll, well, just step over me on their way to tea.

Elizabeth M.

Well, not quite 300 comments yet, but the night is young. The nerve of some people!!

Your top looks smashing! I hope this is one knit you'll get some use of in the California climate. Mine's coming along slowly. But I got a great swatch on one of my machines today, so progress should be rapid.


Sorry about the you-know-what....

I love that top, I have been looking for one just lilke that. Can't wait for the pattern!


Breathe. Think about the loop-d-loop guy. Go get a massage.

And what a perfect top to re-ignite your FIERCE self.

Sue M

I was going to second the "burn it" comment but draping yourself in it and nothing else would be a more spectacular end to the saga.

That shell is HOT. Can't wait to make one!


loving the cleavage top. look forward to the pattern


Oh Wendy, I'm so sorry about the...you know. I think you should mail the parts, pieces and extra yarn to her. You completed your part, doing the good DIL thing. Let her do what she will with it, in her own home.

The top is darling, dahlink!

Miss Scarlett

Oh my. You really are having a time of it Wendy.
That shell is perfect for pre-dinner drinks. Perhaps HWWV can take you out before you combust!
Something should combust in that hot number!
Can't wait for the pattern.

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