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July 19, 2006



bulky is as bulky does, forest.

isn't it fabulous to wear something you've created and actually enjoy the experience instead of looking over your shoulder for the sticky note someone left on your back.


Aman sistah.


Amen sistah.


I'm just finishing up my FIRST wearable item (Tulip tank) and frankly I'm scared to wear it out in public for the same reasons you mentioned. I'm not perfect & neither are my knitted objects, but damnit I've put so much time into it, I don't want anyone to know that I knitted it. I want them to think I spent a fortune on it at Nordstrom & watch their mouths drop open when I tell them I made it myself.

I'm living in a fantasy though, aren't I?


basking in wonder without judgement, bulk begetting bulk, buying into dreams that will never come true (but work up fast)...sounds all too familiar; story of my life, sometimes. at least we're only talking about yarn :)


I'm lucky to have some knitting pals who are unabashedly enthusiastic about knitting. Not much of the competition vibe. Just pure bliss (combined with the frustration of not being able to knit all of the ideas in our heads).

Speaking of childlike enjoyment, I bought a unicycle today. Never ridden one, but had a lovely dream about it. I'm off to skin some knees...


Because I knit, and my friends know I knit if I wear a knitted item I am always asked if I was the knitter (especially my favorite sweater which was knitted by "A Territory Ahead"). I've been knitting for oh, 36(ish) years, Barbie clothes first and a (terrible) sweater in high school that I wore to death. But even now, I feel like I have bed head or something when I wear something I've knitted. Except for socks (but I get teased the most for knitting my own socks). The only thing I've ever knitted out of bulky yarn is an afghan, bulky yarn is the only thing that knits up an afghan fast enough that you don't die of boredom before you finish it (especially if you make it lap robe sized)


You see, obviously I am not the fashionista that some of you ladies are. I don't mind having a bit of imperfection in my wardrobe. Unless it is really disasterous, then I might be a bit more inclined to wear it with a very stylish paper bag over the head. I am certainly not a perfect knitter (far from it actually and only having been knitting a year I reckon I still have time for improvement) but I am proud of my efforts. Oh, except for that darn jumper I just pulled to bits....in a bulky yarn....hmmmmm enough said I guess.


You know what makes me wonder?

Knitting seems more universal and popular than crochet, but ALL the time I get people asking me "what are you crocheting?", or, "did you crocheted that?". Hm, weird.


To some people knit and crochet are the same. I tell them that's like saying apples and oranges are the same. Then I get the deer caught in headlights look LOL! It's the way of the world I guess. That's why you gotta love kids!


Oh yeah...the dream thing that never comes true, the bulky yarn thing being quick to knit but you feel 10lbs heavier....been there, done that. A learning experience for every knitter. That is why I buy YOUR patterns! They are real and always turn out great....and I wear them in public with satisfaction and pride. And no, my finishing is not perfect either.


That's a good book title. "Wonder Without Judgment"


The yarn companies HAVE been selling me a dream. I'm finally at the end of my rope with knits that don't fit properly, don't drape properly, and just plain look terrible. I've given in to the fact that if I want something that fits like my store-bought, knit tank top I'm going to have to knit on smaller needles and design the sweaters myself.

Also, kids won't notice the flaws, but any non-knitter adult that does is looking too hard. Tell them to stop staring at your chest.


I wore a Rowan linen drape tank I'd made a year ago to my hair dresser's. I was never quite sure about it, but by the time I left there, I was beaming. "You made that? It's fabulous!" They couldn't believe I'd made something so drapy and beautiful. I still smile when I think how good I felt that entire day. I think we are way too critical on ourselves.


I have never gotton past socks and shrugs for wearables. I am contemplating the Somewhat Cowl for the upcoming cool months. Will I ever be brave enough?


Hey- you didn't tell us which one of your awesome designs you wore???? I have only ever worn this gigantically huge fair ilse sweater that I made before I understood gauge. It's very 80's looking- maybe gauge didn't matter that much back then, big sweaters, big hair?


You should wear more of your knitted items. You're probably your worst critic. You're stuff is great so be proud and flaunt it.

As for the bulky. It's great when you're a beginner or if you live in cold climates but I don't have much use for it when we don't get much of a winter. Don't think of it as picking on yarn companies/mags. You can (and should) give us your opinion on these matters. I'm sure you'd put an interesting spin on it and I'd love to hear it.


Maybe it's still the flush of knitting youth, but I am always so very pleased that I actually made something, that I'm excited to wear it. I wish more of us were childlike in that way, and could appreciate the beauty without looking for the mistakes.


Come on Wendy, what did you wear?


...I wore the Lacy Little Top (See Winner's Photo Album for details. You can buy the pattern and yarn from who else, but kpixie.com)

Miss Scarlett

Kids can be very accepting it is true.
They can also be cheeky little beggars!

Good for you for wearing your handmade item out and about.
Hilarious when people don'tknow knit from crochet hey?


I absolutely love wearing the garments I knit or sew (and I'm no expert as I only started knitting in January). I just knitted a cape for Autumn/Winter and I can't tell you how pleased I am. Of course, if I thought it looked shocking I wouldn't wear it, but I like it looking a bit hand-made as long as it's relatively well-made.

And I'm absolutely sure everything you make, Wendy, looks well-finished to everyone else. You're probably such a perfectionist you just don't see it the same way.


It is so difficult to tell what a knitted garment is going to look like on, when it is finished. The big problem is that there is no trying it on like at the store! As for bulky knits, there are some that are okay in the right climate (not here in SoCal, for sure, where we could wear them once or twice a "winter") and in the right situation and if they are done right - say a Kim Hargreaves out of Big Wool. But, for the most part, the bulky yarn mine field is just waiting for the innocent to wander in so it can explode with unflattering results!

A woman in my husband's office was knitting during a meeting and someone asked, "What are you crocheting?" My husband, bless his heart - he IS paying attention, says "That's knitting. Two sticks is knitting. One is crochet." I was so proud!


I know just how you feel, but it astounds me that YOU would feel that way. I mean, aren't you "Cool Shoes" Bernard? C'mon. You DEFINE this stuff.

My absolute favorite reaction is when people don't believe it when you tell them that you made what you're wearing. In fairness to my friends, neighbors and acquaintances, I must admit that this is likely because I do not look smart enough to create a passable garment.

Last winter, my Girlfriend, Katie, told me she was so mad at her friend because they were hanging out together and her friend kept saying, "Let's go drop by your house and see if your mom has finished making me that [felted] purse yet."

"What a user," said Katie.

"I win!!!" said I.


I wore a sweater that I made the other day. It's an early one and not one of my better efforts. I was amazed when my daughter looked at me in the sweater and said "Mommy, you could've made that." I had been feeling that conspicuousness that you describe so well - certain that the homemadeness showed. I suppose that kids do see things differently and it's definitely a good thing.

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