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July 05, 2006



Got it! Can't wait!


Thanks! I am really excited to make this -- I have a great skirt that will look awesome with it.


You rock. Thanks so much for sexy, up to date designs. And ones I can wear in public! BTW, I'm lovin your office.


Yesssss...I can't wait to make this. This is exactly the project that I've been craving. Would it be possible (easy) to add some sleeves on?


You could probably add sleeves if you picked up stiches around the armhole and then did short rows to create a cap sleeve. Barbara Walker has some great instructions in Knitting from the Top (see sidebar).


Thanks for the fabulous pattern! I'm so excited about it that I already cast on a few hours ago using Elann endless summer collection Luna. I was wondering if there's any reason in particular that you used seams for this pattern, since your previous patterns are seamless. I'm coverting mine to seamless and hope it will be okay.


Thanks for posting this! I'm excited to buy it.


The only reason there are seams is that all the gals at the Garter Belt based our current and upcoming shell patterns on a basic shell pattern. This basic pattern had seams, so I went with it!

I also thought, with summer knitting and all, that it might be more fun and comfortable to knit it in pieces...

...and I wanted to see some shaping.


Another beautiful design Wendy, thanks!!!!


Thank you! Off to do some online yarn shopping!


I have been waiting for this pattern to be posted and I almost never buy patterns from blogs!! This looks amazing and perfect for our summer to come in San Francisco! Thanks for the wonderful and easy (you did say it was relatively easy, right??) pattern!


I cant wait till I finish some of my WIPs so I can start this. I think its a nice top to learn on


Thanks for posting the pattern so quickly. I think it is the perfect summer knit. Hope it looks as good as yours.


Just bought it and can't wait to cast on! Love the design, love your blog.


Love it! Got it! And can't wait to get started on it. Another fabulous knit, that is modern and fashionable. You're the best Wendy!


Thanks Wanda!


OMG! You made plus sizes! You are a GODDESS! It's so lovely! And I won't have to do math! Yaay!


Thank you for including plus sizes! I will be zipping over to order today! Us plus size knitters enjoy sexy knits also! And without the added math!


Okay, now what do we do if we're between two sizes (S and M, for example)?


Yay! I'm very excited! Got the pattern, got my yarn, can't wait to get started. Thanks so much for a great looking pattern.


Oh pooh! I just mapped out my next few projects and now this! Sizzle is GORGEOUS! I'll have to work it into the plan somehow. BTW, I hope you had your "friend" check your pattern before you posted it! Ha!


I love this pattern and so glad to have it!!! I wonder how hard it will be to make it seamless!? I am new to this anyway but I cant wait!!!!


Sarah, just go with something on the smaller side and add length if you have to.


Wendy (or anyone for that matter) - can you make some more cost conscience yarn suggestions? With a new baby on the way - silk is tooooo much for our budget. Any suggestions would be greatly apprecciated!


There are some cotton/rayon blends at Elann.com you can check out! I'll look into it and see if I can come up with some ideas.

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