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September 02, 2006


Melissa A.

You're so cute! Happy Labour Day weekend!

PS: I'm drinking gin & tonic right now ;)


Very lovely tank... Thanks for another great project!!!!

Dorothy B

That is very cute. A nice little pretty for under a suit jacket too.


Wider straps would be a great option to have! Love the top.


Very cute!! If you would also write up for wider straps, that would be great!


woo, Wendy, another great pattern! I like the idea of wider straps (though I could mod a pattern myself for 'em). You look great in green! :)

[love tencel, I do.]


Gosh that's cute! I like the idea of it! Wider straps would be great too.


yes yes please write one that covers strappys!


Very delicate and girly...love it! Wider straps, to hide the you-know-whats that are covering the unmentionables, would be great!!!


Great top!! And yes, wider straps would be fantastic!!!
have a great weekend Wendy!!


Have a great weekend :)

PS - The wider straps is an awesome idea.


Yes, wider straps. Even lingerie-style would be good. It looks lovely on you! Cute tuxedo pants and love your jade jewelry.


Yes on the wider strap option. Being given ample in the boobage area thus having to wear well supporting bra's it will be a good alternative!


LOVE the cami - that yarn is beautiful! I'd love wider straps too!


Love it! Yes wider strap option please for us bigger gals!


Wendy, it is looking great!! Look how many comments already on a holiday weekend!! I love the beads you used....I see what you mean now about the individuality part with that.... Being a big bazooma gal myself, I think I like the wider strap option too...!


All the Kudos go to the gal who knitted the sample for me, Ariane. She went out and bought these beads before she finished it and sent it to me; she has a great eye!


Very cute! You look great! And yes, wider straps please. :)


I love love LOVE that colourway, and it looks fabu on you. :D

Darci McGrath

I love the tank but definetly need those wider straps to cover the underthings - those strapless models suck...

Love Chuck in the picture - he always makes me smile.


Please wider straps for us DD girls! : )


absolutely gorgeous, as always. Wider straps are a great idea, I love this.


How pretty! Please, please, please wider straps for those of us with big boobles. If I wear a shirt like that without a bra, the girls will be swinging by my knees!


Very cool tank. Yes to wider straps in the pattern please.


That is such a cute top. I think having a wider strap alternative would be excellent.

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