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October 03, 2006



Love the cami!!! Great color too!


absolutely stunning!


Gorgeous camisole! And you look amazing... please tell me you're sucking something in or pushing something out! I don't think even Victoria has a Secret that would help pull off that awesome piece. Oh, why didn't I knit back in the day (ya know... the one before 5 kids)! lol

Another great design Wendy.


I love this top.
I don't have much in the unmentionables department, so I'm glad you left the thin straps in.

And btw, I also love that your lab pops into the background of so many of your photos 'where's waldo' style!


Well, that's Chuck for you. He'll follow you to the end of the earth.



Love the green, love the sexy simplicity. I think I may have to go for this one--the shaping is great--you are tres curvy!

And I love the birdhouse peeking above the hedge as WELL as Monsieur Chuck. Nice touches.


Oh la la! Especially love the beads.


Oops... my post above was supposed to read "help ME pull off that awesome piece".


Yum! Particularly like how I can cover the unmentionables otherwise I won't have anything to put in it and may as well knit an ironing board cover ;)


Very beautiful cami! The beads are a great touch--very spicy! Happy Days! :o)


OH MY GAWD! You must have been reading my mind. I was looking for a camisole pattern just like this, well almost, I might make have made the straps bigger maybe for my large bosom. Thanks so much. I've been meaning to ask if you think that Something red would be good in Rowan Summer Tweed. I have been saving a big package of this yarn for something special.


I see you have many patterns you have created on your own. I would love it, if you would stop by and see if you would be interested in featuring any of your patterns on my website: http://tightknitfriends.com There is also a bio, that you can use to highlight your blog or pattern sales. You have beautiful work!


That's really purty! :)

Miss Twiss

I've been reading you for about a year now and comment rarely. So I have to tell you I think you are great! I appreciate your sense of humour, the love you give your family, and your writing is thoughtful, original and good. And in this venue of sharing, it is difficult to find the good stuff. I admire your projects and your ability to develop unique and sexy knitting patterns. I want you to know there's a girl up in Canada who like's what you do.


That's the perfect name for such a pretty cami. Another to add to my growing "to knit" list!


From a fellow OC resident, I'm really happy to see that you created this Camisole in plus sizes too. I'm a guy who knits for his lovely wife and I have been trying to find a knit camisole to make her. I was planning to make it from hand dyed 100% silk from a LYS in South OC. Thank you from a faithful reader



I bet HWWV loved this photo shoot in particular!

You have too many patterns I want to knit. You should make a book... :)


Beautiful Cami! I will be making this one.


Fabulous! Since I finally got the hang of DPNs I can do this...wahoo! Right after I finish the socks, the fad-classic, the bears for Snuggle etc etc...

Dorothy B

Very cute.


Ow! Work it, girl!!!
How I wish I could roll like that, but I'm going to be making the wider strap version, and will knit a couple of rows of seed beads where the single bead would be on the skinny straps.
Yes. That was a perfect example of a run-on sentence.
; )


Love this! It's beautiful... and as much as I'd like to use that gorgeous yarn, I will have to think cotton blend, silk, or maybe linen...?

Diana C


For the best sizing, would you recommend zero ease?


Yes, I'd go with the size closest to your actual size.


It's gorgeous. That yarn has such a nice gleam to it. Quite mentionable, I'd say.

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