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November 08, 2006



I feel the pain.
And TWENTY FIVE designs due soon?
Good gourd where do you get time to blog? But I think I speak for your readers when I say we'd rather you sleep less rather than blog less to get it all done in time! ;)


I would rather rip knitting than use the seam ripper in sewing or quilting...but then I don't have 25 or so projects to crank out for the, you-know!


ugh...the seam ripper! Do you know, I actually use one while I knit/rip???? (There's no escaping that thing.)


When you rip, it means you're liberated! I'm looking forward to your book :)


Ugh, I hate ripping. I've been known to ebay projects for the yarn rather than rip it myself. Good luck with your designs. I can't imagine having to do 25 all at once. I'm hoping to just get a few accepted!


I can cope with ripping. Maybe not straight away, but I'll do it for the Greater Good. Am I weird?


Yes it'so hard.I know what you mean!!!
I always tray to camoflage if it'spossible but it's better to rip the things with are not good because I always know wwhat was wrong and don't like the product any more. BUT IT HURTS SO BAD!!!



I always have such a hard time ripping a project and each time that I have to do it, I wait and postpone it in hopes that it will work out. At the end, the ripping always comes around and it makes me feel so awful because I should have done it back 100 rows ago when I realized that it wasn't going to work out.


25 Designs!! W! Don't over do it...Take care of yourself. Although I have to admit, I am pretty excited to see them all!


Would love to see how HWWV would shoot you posed just "so" on your Quickie/Cheapie-do laurels. Fragrant!



I say don't be afraid to rip as soon as you notice you need to! (from someone who should have learnt that a long time ago with all the un-wearables in my wardrobe)


Since I have no knitting deadlines, I am often elated when I hit that moment of knitting zen and knitting honesty -- when I admit that "this is not going to work for me" and rip the shit out of my work. But, again, I'm minus the deadlines.


I'm with Lin. As painful as it is to rip back, it's more painful when I get to the end and realize it's not going to work.


Bay Laurel: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bay_laurel

While it won't undo the sting of ripping a whole day's knitting, you should try to find one. It sure does smell good


Resting on one's laurels: indeed, as the Wikipedia entry says, this saying orignated w/the laurel wreaths given to victors at athletic competitions. It generally means to rest sure in the knowledge of past success and therefore not strive to do anything new or risky. Bad form--in sports, politics, or knitting.


They're bay leaves and, yes, they do smell good.

Sorry about the frogging. The actual ripping out is kind of therapeutic (like ripping paper), but it IS a bummer.

You'll get it all done. Go, Wendy! Go, Wendy! Go, Wendy! GO!


You know what? I have a bay laurel in my front yard! Duh!


25 designs? Dear Lord! You better teach Girlfriend, HWWV and Chuck to knit! You could have your own sweatshop. :) But seriously, you'll totally make it, you're the fastest knitter I know.


A new-ish reader asks: the "you know" Marsha mentioned up there ... are you working on a book?


I hate ripping, even when you know you are going to have to, and you keep knitting, it hurts so much!!!


Holy sore fingers, Batman! That's a LOT of designs!!! With modifications, it's hard to get my brain around all the math you'll be up to! That's the hardest part for me - I hate math!

As Adam mentioned previously though, you're a lightning fast knitter, so I'm sure you'll make it, too!!! Good luck!


Due to mistakes and an overzealous concern about sizing, i recently had to rip the body of my Green Gable (my first l/s sweater) THREE times. And then I ripped the sleeves. Argh. I feel ya. But I did learn a lesson. Ripping is good. It's like waxing; painful, but the end result is worth it. (Well, for my eyebrows anyway.)


As a step above a newbie knitter, I've had more than my share of ripping than I care to admit....however, just finished the NSS cardigan and no ripping involved there....it was a wonderfully written pattern! That's why I can't wait for the new pattern on Stitch Diva and the Zimmerman-ish cardigan....please say you'll offer it for sale on your blog!!!


all glory is fleeting, i suppose.

gym folk are funny. the janitor at my gym lifts on saturdays. he's exciting to watch. he does a little jig and then drops into the splits before he starts each set of squats. and he sings. he's not plugged into anything, but he sings like he is. and then there's sofija, a russian woman who does the pilates class. what a workout machine!!! she goes right into the spinning class afterward. she's huge, as in big-boned, but walks with the grace of a ballerina. she scares me when she screams during the spinning class - especially because i can hear her through the glass double doors from the other side of the gym.
i was telling my bf about her as she darted by one day. "she's a big woman!" he said. "she's russian!" i replied, to which he piped, "well, she did look like she was in a hurry." smarty pants.

Dorothy B

I am going to have to add you to my list of people to pray for with all that designing and knitting to get done!

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