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November 23, 2006



Yeah! Its finally here! I have been waiting with baited breath for this pattern...

Guess what my kids are getting for Christmas?

Now I've just gotta get out of my IL's house, go home to my own computer and buy it! So pretty, another classic wardrobe staple.

I hope things are going well with the relatives and that you had a great turkey day!


A lurker coming out...Thank you, I just had to make these, there are too cute. I will go for a cardigan for my little one (2) and a sweater for my big one (7) and I even have bought the wool , well there was a sale at Kpixie....

I also have got add that I made the swing coat for my 2 year old and I have had so many nice compliments on it, so thank you for that too!


Nice! That was one organized purchase! I can actually knit a Christmas gift now.


Thanks for the great pattern i'm looking forward to making it!!!


Girlfriend is seriously adorable, and my son is coveting her dinosaur. :)


Thank you SO much! I've been doing a ton of knitting for Dulaan, and have solicited a fair amount of donated yarn for that purpose. This pattern is a perfect way to use the donations for a quick warm knit, and the stripes will make good use of skein ends from other projects. Plus it's just damn cute which never hurts!

This isn't the first pattern I've bought from you Wendy - I just love your stuff. Happy Holidays to you and yours.


yippee yay yay - just ordered mine! many of these to make for the wee ones and their pals - thanks!


Those are great pieces of work. When I have cleared some of my backlog I want to come back for them


First & second place finalists don't get gratis copies - just kidding ;-)


Hey Sherri...I just sent a copy to the gal the suggested "drive-thru," were you the Done, Dirt Cheap suggest-or?



Knitting Nettie

I have my copy!! I am ecstatic that it comes in such a variety of sizes too...with nieces (and nephews) ranging from a year old to eight years old it is nice to have something so versatile. Thanks Wendy!

Now to try and knit as much as possible before Christmas. Actually, that is a lot, but it would be a great birthday gift for each of them as they come up...probably more realistic too!!

Knitting Nettie

I wish you could make these available in hard copy somehow to yarn stores. I don't know all the pros and cons, but it sure would be nice to be able to offer this where I work. So far I like it as well as any KPS pattern...and that is without knitting it yet!


I probably will someday, but it takes a lot of work to get wholesale distribution set up, I think. Once the book is done, I'll look into it.

Knitting Nettie

How did I miss "the book"?? I go to your site 20 times a day, at least! I show it to customers, I look first thing each morning....book?

I must really stink at being your blog groupie... :-)


I don't like to talk about "the book," too much pressure!


Completely off topic: "Ray of Light" is a huge fave of mine . . first heard it at a gay pride parade in a mascara-melting downpour. Good times. ;-)

Kelly B

GF is seriously the most adorable child in the world.


Yeah, I'm done dirt cheap - lol ... stick a fork in it - lmbo!!!


I really, really lurve this! Just ordered some :cough: Plymouth Encore :cough: for it. Hey, 18 month old. What, I'm supposed to put him in something hand washable? I love the pink and green version, wish my 5 year old was not so obsessed with being Laura Ingalls.


I just got this and just in time. A lot of kids are getting this for Xmas.


Really adorable! I love both color combos that you picked out too... I also love how you do such a wide range of sizes in your patterns.

Deborah Eichel

I love the sweater! Your daughter is so cute. She's a pro as a model!
WHAT BOOK??????? I must have missed that one. Please repeat information!


Girlfriend is a great model.

And this is for real: I saw a kid in a commercial who looks .just.like.her.!!! Does she do commercials? Just curious. I know you're on the west coast and all...


Oh yeah, do you think the largest size could fit an adult?

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