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November 14, 2006



Wow! Sahara is . . . amazing.

Magalie in L.A.

That one is yours too?? :) I saw it in the Int. Knits advertisement and went to buy the pattern right away...I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for it be available. I'm already in love with this sweater!


...didn't the plunging neckline give it away?


I can't wait to knit this pattern! I have the yarn ready, I want to do it in Cash Iroha. I was going to do the SKB, but this one suits me more, I think.


holy crap. thats the bomb diggity.

Darci McGrath

Dear lord, Wendy, that is gorgous! Now I just need the body to go with it...thanks for the inspiration...


It is absolutely amazing. Holy cow. I want it. Now.
Of course, I'll knit it and then not want to wear it until I drop a few inches and tone the abs! ;-)


Boy's sweater - adorable!
Saraha - gorgeous!!

I think I'm going to need one of each!

Good work Wendy.


Holy crap, I can't even look at the fair isles or faux fair isles - I am too mesmerized by Sahara. There isn't an undergarment in the world that would make it wearable for me, but one can admire from afar...

Where do modeling agencies dig up these gravity-free teenagers, anyway?

And can't we send them back to the planet they came from?


OMG- that is a truly beautiful pattern. I would love to knit one of your patterns, but I think I have option paralysis and you've just made it worse....maybe I'll wait for the book: ) That sweater is glorious- you're very talented.


Yeah, well, I'm sure a bit of Photoshop was involved, but I've seen untouched photos of this gal and she's really great.

But honestly: I knit the long-sleeve version in a much, much larger bust size and that was flattering, too!

Yeah, and I know I shouldn't have put the faux isles in with this pic but I couldn't help myself.


Don't know about "hungry" as such...like Lizbon, I'm thinking she's got that look that says "I'm Nezzookbah from Neptune..take me to your leader"!
Except I don't think Neptunians would be wearing such fab knits
(or maybe they would?..they might get stitchdiva up there!)
Love the cap sleeve version.
My only concern is do you think the drape essential for this garment would be flattering for those of us over-40s who have replaced the hip-bones cheekily protruding above the jeans with the muffin-top?


Yeah, I hear you on the muffin top. But I did add a shirt-tail hem that is flattering to those with a bit of a roll...


Well god bless you Wendy for keeping us not so perfect bods in mind :)

But seriously--I keep checking the Stitch Diva site about once a day hoping Sahara is available. Soon, very, very soon .....


Sahara is beautiful, Wendy! I saw the long sleeve version when I was ordering another pattern and thought of you before realizing it was your design! Bravo!

The "faux isle" sweaters are adorable. I'm not a fan of all the strands either, I just get tangled up. This is a nice alternative.




I now have an excuse to lose the 60 lbs I need to lose.


I like the faux isle. Inventive... easy for me to do.. I think, I hope. We'll see. heh.

I love your wit and humor!


I can't wait!


Sahara is gorgeous! Now I must get some breasts (just to keep up with the what is wrong with my body theme.)

Boy does that model have some scary eyes in that picture - wear are the pupils? She has no pupils


Oh my! It makes me want to exercise 3 hours a day! I love it!!! You are so amazing!!! I am in love with it. I think I shall print this picture and put it on my fridge as a motivator.


Wow, Sahara is beautiful! I love the cap sleeved version. I can't wait till the pattern comes out - my yarn for my second SKB is now going to be for Sahara! It is truly and outstanding top.


Sahara is absolutely stunning! I was so mesmerized by the details that I didn't notice anything about the model! That's when you know a design has reached the pinnacle of success. Well done you!


i just sent this link to my husband via messenger (I should mention that he is sitting about 6 feet away from me) and said I'm knitting this next. His answer "low cut, love it". Men have such a way with words...

gina L

Sahara is devine! I am excited about the faux fair isles too! I just have to knit both. Thank you Wendy!


I saw Sahara and fell in love at first sight! I can't wait for it to be out! You design the most beautiful things! The fake Fair Isle is adorable too!



you have out done yourself! had to write to tell you sahara is your best since SC, which i made and love. so amazingly beautiful!

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