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November 05, 2006



Reminds me of watermelon. I guess if you wear wool in 90 degree heat it's cooler if the colours are refreshing. Yummy !


Funny, I didn't plan on it and I don't really like that it looks like watermelon. Oh well! Just don't add any heart, flowers and doggie buttons and life will be good.


Heart buttons > Simple buttons.


Ah yes
Doncha love the unspoken language of raised eyebrows, sighs and just plain ol' "looks" of a long-term partnership?
Good luck with the plain button rationale


Back away from the Uggs. Their time has passed (thank G-d), and are only sweet on pre-teens. And please, no Juicy sweats/Uggs combo. Please.

P.S. You are a rocket-speed knitter!


I'm in the Bay area and it's too freakin' warm around here for Uggs - wouldn't your feet have melted off anyway?

Cute sweater. I usually shy away from pink/green because it brings back unhappy college days of preppie hell, but this I like! :)


Uggs...yeah - got 'em.
They're comfortable, yes, but not intended to be worn with socks. While heavenly the first few times you wear them, after a while they get very dirty and grimey inside. No lie. And there's no way to clean the inside. I'll never buy another pair.


Oh... so you're responsible for the recent spike in temperature! Knitting a wool sweater always ensures a heatwave out here! lol Very cute sweater. I love the colors.

PS - Caitlin, sheepskin.com sells sheepskin shampoo so you can throw them in the washer!


The green & pink actually reminds me of roses, so I love the combo!

Also love the second pic - talk about action shot!


Love the sweater!

And now I'm going to have to be the first to speak on behalf of Uggs. I'm in the central valley and I'm one of those "always cold" people. I love my Uggs. They are the short version. I only wear them with my jeans (never tucked in), and always with light socks. Keeps them from getting icky inside. Not the most lady like shoe but when you have cold mornings watching your kid swim or play water polo they are a slice of heaven.


Manolo would tell you to be super fantastic and not wear the uggs.
(not Blahnik -- the other manolo)


I have (and have had for about 10 years) Ugg slippers and they are pure heaven but I think they look kinda rediculous as shoes, I seriously hope that trend is done! Things that just shouldn't be: Wendy in Uggs or Crocs :)

I love this sweater! The colorwork is simple but so attractive...you have such a great eye for color!

Gina in SC

Ugg = UGLY ... that's all I have to say about the boots.

Love the sweater in green! So little girl.


It's a cute sweater--but, give the child the buttons she wants!

Elizabeth M.

The sweater is adorable!!! Hearts would be ok, but all those funny shapes of buttons are hard to actually get through buttonholes, especially for little preschooler fingers.

Ugg boots look like the kind of thing I would like once they are so definitively "out" everywhere that no one could think I was trying to be part of the crowd. But, only because I live in Wisconsin, where we actually have cold weather.


The sweater looks great! Can't wait for the pattern to be available, so I can knit one for my 6 year old Girlfriend.


Not Quick & Cheap, Quick & Thrifty. Come on, you didn't knit an Red Heart sweater for Girlfriend. It looks great. Of course she loves it.

Oh, and I agree with Gina in SC Ugg does = ugly. Thank God those boots are past their time.

The Steph

Simple buttons=YES!

CUTE sweater! Is it your own pattern or no?


Well, it's my "own," but I did base it on some classic percentages by my favorite gal, Eliz. Zimmermann...


is it totally wrong that I am 31, and would TOTALLY wear a sweater with those exact colors? You are so fast with your needles, hot mama!

gina L

I love the sweater I can't wait to get my hands on the pattern. Simple buttons yes. How about some of the small metal ones that are sort of nordic? I might be too heavy but I bought some interesting italian ones today at Joann's. See blog.


Ya know, I was recently in a SoCal Costco and saw a teenaged girl (with her dad, no less) with legs about 10 feet long wearing Uggs and shorts I can only assume she bought in the intimate apparel section. As appalled as I was at the sheer ridiculousness of the outfit, I couldn't help but admire her ability to carry it off. And maybe...just maybe...I could wear Uggs and short shorts, too. Call it a weak moment. Thankfully, I've also regained my senses.


two days! you're wicked fast. as for uggs, i don't care for how they look, but wearing them...! i feel like i'm walking on clouds.


CUTE sweater!

LOVE, love, love my Uggs - have for years, will for years to come. Guess I'm just a California girl.


It does remind me of a nice and juicy watermelon :)
C'mon give in, put some doggies on it :)...just think of her smile.

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