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December 30, 2006



Awww, too bad for Girlfriend. I'm with HWWV, I think Superbowl Sunday will be a good day.


I loved the Santa Barbara zoo!! (I've not been in about 16 years or so). Try again on Superbowl Sunday, surely it will be less crowded (or perhaps go on a weekday if you can swing it). I think my sister buys her Disneyland tickets online, she told me something about if you live "close" enough to Disneyland you can get discount tickets (she's in Santa Maria). That might be the way to go also.


I feel like I've been to Disneyland just reading this...


...you have to buy two-day tickets...ugh (two days of Disney would render me insane.)


When I was a kid, I lived in San Diego and we went to Disneyland once a year. My favorite was It's a Small World and now you have put that song into my head! I'm going to bed soon and I'm sure I'll be dreaming of Disneyland :)

Love the felted bowl, especially the lid!


awwww, por girlfriend. Let me know, and I'll go with (with the two older ones, to keep "m" busy, next time.

I'm diggin' that yarn...from the porn yarn to the finished object yarn:o)

Elizabeth M.e

When I was very little and we lived in LA, we went to Disneyworld once. You would have to know my parents to understand just how unlikely an event this would have been. My dad's mom (a royal b!tch) was in town and insisted we had to do this. My brother had an ear infection and was miserable. It was hot. My mom wanted to leave and my grandmother started accusing her of being a bad mother. My grandmother thought it was a good idea to keep a 4 or 5 year old with a fever and painful ear out in the hot sun, etc, because it's what she wanted.

I remember the teacups.

rachel kay

Wendy! I think she is wearing a headwrap made from your pattern for the whatever-you-want-to-call-it.


I'm making one too right now using the most amazing silk handpainted. Yum. Just wanted to share!

lori z

i heard that tuesday is the magic (crowdless) day in the magic kingdom.


Yes! That is Scout wearing the Dream Swatch on the show! Good call, Rachel Kay!


I bought one skein of Koigu. How handy.


Oh dear. We're down in Orange County for the holidays, and my brother and DSIL took my kids and their kids to Disneyland yesterday. I had been up front about not wanting to go, and since I paid my brother $136 for the two entry fees and their lunches, I'm glad I didn't! The SB Zoo (my parents lived there before moving down here to Mall Land) is way nicer and more civilized than Disneyland any day of the year.


Yup....and you can feed the giraffes.


Oh, you know I think my sister may (or may not) have mentioned the two day deal. We're far enough away (Colorado) that we'd probably go two days (we went to Legoland 2 days in a row a year and a half ago, of course Legoland isn't as busy as Disneyland). I did feel my eye twitch at the mere thought of two days at Disneyland.

(Santa Barbara zoo, the lion went Pee on my girlfriends daughter, they installed a glass so that that couldn't happen again. It was gross, but really her story was hysterically funny).

Gelsomina Marcheschi

Wendy, the week or two after Thanksgiving is the best time to go. We went Dec. 5 & 6 for my nephew Gunnar's 5th birthday. It was divine; wonderful weather, beautiful Christmas decorations. The Christmas Parade was really sweet. I think we waited in line for 2 rides, other than that it was a matter of walking up and waiting for the next open teacup, etc. I never thought I'd actually enjoy 2 consecutive days at Disney, but I did! It's fun to be 'Auntie Gigi' and spoil the little nephews, and easy b/c they're the cutest kids in the world. Seriously! Pix of them at Disney on my blog.

gina L

The same thing happened to us at Disneyland but it was in the summer. I was really ticked because if you stay at the hotel you are supposed to be able to take the tram in and out of the park as you please and not have to wait in line for tickets. Of course the tram to the hotel was broken. That was the only reason I wanted to spend the night there we only live 30 minutes away. There was a long wait for every meal and the food was terrible. I hear the best time to go is during the week (but not a holiday) arriving just when they open. It sounds like the best part of the weekend was spent knitting.
Sorry what a fiasco! The truth is you can stay at a 4 star hotel for the price they charge at the Disneyland hotel.


Too bad the trip didn't work out as planned. At least you were able to turn out a couple of cool projects though!

miz booshay

I feel your Disney-pain!

And I love the darling red felted bowl.

Save the pattern for your book!
It's really cute!


Love the red bowl. Love fingerless mitts. Do NOT love lines - but love Disneyland.


Next time you're in a bookstore/library, look at a copy of The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland by Bob Sehlinger. I have the Disneyworld version, and it has a great chart of what days during the year are the busiest. I'm guessing that the Disneyland guide should have something similar. Super Bowl weekend should be okay, but not necessarily because it's the Super Bowl. January (after the first few days) is the second slowest time of year at Disneyworld, and presumably Disneyland. The time around Christmas, and between Christmas and New Year's is one of the busiest, if not THE busiest, times at the parks. Sorry that Girlfriend got shut out. :(


You guys are so great, giving us tips. Honestly, we are Beginners at this type of thing. It's good to know that you guys know what to do and I can learn (and knit for two hours each way).


My daughter just spent the day at Disneyland to celebrate the end of the semester and I bought her a ticket at Vons. It is just like a gift card and you do not have to wait in line. It work perfect.

Looking forward to the bowl...I have some wool waiting...

Oh and I love the SB Zoo. The crooked giraffe is our favorite.


The crooked giraffe, from what I was told, was not in view today.


I was Snow White at Disneyland for one miserable summer. The carousel was better, and chocolate cake , too.


Come to Disneyland Paris in winter. No queues, nothing. Of course, it's freaking cold, but hey, it's more fun when your nose is frostbitten and your hands have welded themselves to the insides of your gloves ;)

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