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February 28, 2007



I can't get behind the shawl pin thing either. I made a scarf out of Svale a few years ago and loved it though. It's sort of splitty but I thought totally worth it.


yes!!! i love shawls, but i think i come from the same school of shawls you do. except that i do like lace shawls, just not out of lace weight yarn. i knit them up in something sturdier so i can sling them around my hips if need be.


You know, I once read somewhere that shawls can make great curtains!! Or, depending on the size, you could use it as a small coverlet on a bed ...
And I agree with Jackie, I like the weighter idea so it can be slung about the hips or over the shoulders!!


Right, well then.
That's very clear!

Was just checking out your Gallery updates:

Katharine's cap sleeve Sahara?
The colour..the colour..the colour.
And it's so perky.


I know. And Katharine is perky too.


Another vote for your fine shawl opinion-

I made a lighter weight (not lace) one and after refering to myself as Spiderman all day have since worn/made ones that you describe.

And for the record those lace spidey shawls definitely DON"T work in an elementary school classroom!


I'm (almost) hesitant to comment . . . but here goes:
I LIKE SHAWLS. There, I've said it. They're the most wearable, satisfying thing to make. Here in the PNW, a coat is often too much and a t-shirt too little -- but ahhhh, the shawl (I prefer to modernize it to a "wrap") -- that's the way to go.


I like shawls, though I don't think I ever knit one or wore one. Well, I used one once. Poolside. Compliments of the hostess at a party after it got chilly out. I have 3, gifts from friends, tucked away in a drawer, somewhere. I tried knitting a "stole" from Karabella's Gossamer, but didn't like it after knitting several inches. I'm making 2 scarves from the yarn now. Go figure.


I hear ya sister! (clink of martini glasses)


I respect your opinion, do you care to hear mine?

I pin my shawl through to my bra strap to keep it where I want it. Because I love my shawls, and I want to wear them, but I don't want to tie it in a knot and I don't want to fuss with it the whole time I'm wearing it.

Life is one big risk, wearing a shawl is pretty minor limb to climb out onto.


First things first... you went to that LYS without me again?? You even bought yarn that is on my "list". Oy.

On shawls... lol and well said. So please tell me, since this exact thing has been on my mind, what is the best type of yarn to knit a sport weight shawl with so it doesn't need to be blocked?


I love shawls, but being a big girl don't wear them much. I DO however LOVE my shawl pin that I got from Scout....the martini glass. I wear it on my wool coat just as decoration. It is the only cool shawl pin I have ever liked.


Tammy: I said I didn't want to knit a shawl that needed to be blocked with teeny tiny pins. If a simple blocking is needed, so be it!


Oh, got it. Yes, no teeny points.


I'm sorry for your bad news... seems that things are sucky all over these internets latley. I hear Mercury is in retrograde or some other crazy thing... ((hugs cuz))


You forgot the most disastrous thing about a triangular shawl, for most women's figures: You have this great big fancy arrow pointing straight at your butt.


And a P.S. to my ownself. Today's post is exactly why I like this blog. It is what it is.


Amen! However, I do like the shawl/scarf pins I sell. Especially one that is a martini. Even if I'd never wear one, Romi's are pretty cool.


I know exactly where your strong shawl opinion comes from... Those thousands of crocheted motifs you did for your MIL's carnival shawl that she didn't even remember asking for when you finished it! Long time reader, not first time caller! :-)


Oooh, shawls....

I like the heavy ones.

I like the lace ones.

But I don't wear them all at the same time. Not quite that cold here.


I ranted about the agony of trying to knit a lace weight shawl to a lace knitting group once, and was asked to leave the group. I guess they were justified because that spider web fiber made me really crazy. But I do love heavy shawls, thrown around my shoulders to keep me warm and cozy.

As for your opinion--right on!


Wow! You and I are on the same page, it's scary! I just posted my rant about Stitches West and how no matter how beautiful your shawl is it is NEVER to be worn with tennis shoes and the like! Argh! We need to re-invent the modern knitter! Unite!


Shawls are really pretty to make but being able to pull it off takes a special sense of fashion. I can handle a rectangular shawl but I can't really get with the triangular ones. Personally I think that unless you are wearing an evening gown, they really make anything you wear look ....what's the nice word...matronly. If that's your style, that's fine. It's just not for me.


LMAO!!! "I do not want one with scary bits that might get hooked on a rosebush or little kid."


Shawl people of the world, UNITE! (over there, please, where I can keep an eye on y'all.) LOL! I have absolutely no use for shawls at all -- I'm more a cardi girl -- but why would anyone care what anybody else wants to make/wear/etc? I know there are overly sensitive people out there who can't stand for others to believe differently than they do, but I'll never, ever get it. You go, girl -- tie your big ol' shawl on you and face the day! I'll cheer you on!

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