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March 21, 2007



Oh dear. It sounds like someone has been snarky about you. Well, I very much enjoyed the salad and the dressing and the hospitality.

We had a going away party for someone at work yesterday, and the employee association bought the cake, but she was complaining that they should have bought sandwiches for her party too. She's the same one that instead of eating the vegetarian pizza that I buy for people on the Saturdays that we work together, brought her own lunch instead. She thought I was picking on her because I didn't want to spend my money on meat (it's a political thing, not a personal thing, really!). I'm celebrating the end of the first workday after she left. I'll send some of the celebratory vibes your way, and hope your detractors get themselves together.


Oh geez, the trolls must've been particularly active of late, though I confess I can't think of a single unkind thing anyone would ever think to say about you. So there. Jerks.


PS. I feel compelled to point out that once a blogger has offered up an artfully shot pic of herself immersed in a yarn-filled bathtub, her public has no right to expect anything more. You gave at the office, baybeee.


You guys are funny, but the offense(s) wasn't/weren't aimed at me, really. It has been aimed, in general, at BLOGGERS. (That makes me mad because, honestly, the bloggers work harder than anyone gives them credit for.)


OK, fine. I hope that blogger-readers get less snarky, and I'll send my vibes out to the blog-o-sphere in general.

At least I don't have to go rough anyone up for you now.


I've been blogging for about a month and I had no idea what kind of work it entails! Knit bloggers especially, because they can't just wax philosophical, they must have something to show for it too. As always, I love it here at Knit and Tonic, you are a fantastic knitter AND blogger.

Miss Scarlett

I was wondering who didn't like your salad dressing!
BTW this is one of my favourite salad bars


oh dear. i tried this thing. thought the pricetag said 60 % off a skirt i bought recently and then it was only 25%. and furthermore i confused my card that gives me another 10 % off with my regular bankcard. maybe all because men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses or because i always forget these things at home as i just can't seem to realise that they actually belong to me.


I'm a lurker -- delurking to voice my agreement. I really love some of the blogs I read and think of them as gifts from the blogger. They're valuable to me but, other than de-lurking occasionally, the blogger gets nothing in return. Lately, I've been thinking that there should be some way to repay. For example, what if I donated to a blogger's favorite cause in appreciation for her/his gift? I'm still pondering this.


Hi Wendy, write down on a piece of paper whatever has been said and by whomever and have a glass of your favourite tipple and set fire to the paper and send it off to hell where it belongs. You are a star; a total godsend; a breath of fresh air, don't let whatever had been said or not said get to you. And please, please, please don't change.


Well said.


No, I wouldn't kvetch about the "salad." If someone invites you to dinner, Mom always said, you eat what you're served and like it. They didn't HAVE to ask you in.

Such as it should be in all of life -- common decency and politeness. Virtual or actual.

By the way: you make a lovely salad. And the dressing -- fab.


This really puzzles me. I read alot of blogs but most of the people I know:
A. dont knit
B. dont read blogs
So I cannot fathom even discussing this with anyone. Actually I have tried but the person I was telling about fantastic blogs got that look on her face...you know the one...the blank stare of cluelessness...so I savor my blog
addictness and keep it a secret.
I love you blog. You are a marvelous knitter and a great writer. Who else but you would have time to blog and write a book?


must be something going on. Your blog is the second blog I've read this morning sorta on the same subject. A blogger should blog about what they want to blog about. If a reader doesn't like it well then read a different blog or at least that is what I do.

I'm so over catty people who know it all and are the only perfect ones in the universe.


Well said Wendy. I always try to live by the maxim that is you can't say anything nice about someone then don't say anything at all(well ok I did say I try). I also have a rule that I only comment on a blog if I feel I have something valid to add (no commenting for commenting sake). I must read about 100 bloggs a day but only leave a handful of comments - All of them nice:-) There is too much strife in the world already without adding to it!


Keep on blogging my friend. I delight each time I read your blogs not to mention the incredible inspiration you have been to me! Love your projects and your creativity that shines through.


I think I know what this is about. The back story is that one blogger mused about blogs without comments, not even knitting blogs as she later revealed. It came up in the comments, and names were named, that "popular knitting blogs" can seem like cliques.

I obviously have nothing better to do b/c I read through all the comments. Very few people actually jumped on the bandwagon of bashing "popular" bloggers. So, there is no riot happening in the streets over there. But, there are surely a couple of people who feel slighted that certain bloggers get a lot of comments.

I can't even believe I'm relating this. I can't help it, I'm a peace maker by nature. But really, I think this is the virtual equiv. of passing a note in class!

Anyway, I wouldn't take it personally, though I can see why you would. We all know about envy.

Now do you like me? Check Yes [ ] or No [ ]. :)

Steph VW

Wendy - the food and the blog are always delicious. Thanks.

The Yarn Harlot uses the analogy of her blog being her living room. You wouldn't expect people to be rude to you while sitting in your living room, so why be rude on someone's blog?

Sometimes I'm thankful that I don't have that many readers.


I have been lurking around enjoying your company. To add to your analogy, I would be your quiet but appreciative dinner guest who ate the carefully prepared salad and dressing and at the end of the evening took your hand, looked you in the eye and thanked you sincerely for the lovely time.... but it's not the end of the evening, for me. I am continuing to enjoy the conversation of your guests and yourself and the lovely repast laid before me. Thank you for inviting me.


i know! the work! and really, wendy, you're posting every day. I don't know how you do it - it's as much as I can manage to muster a post a week.


Word. The trouble with offering part of yourself to people is that people are often ungrateful bastards. But some of us are warm and loving, and fuzzy, and we not only eat the dinner and love it, we bring a bottle of wine as a hostess gift :)


Exactly. Well said.


You are right on! Some of the cattiness has really been weighing me down lately. Can't we all just get along? ;)


This problem seems similar to the cultish Lost watchers who complain every week that there weren't enough questions answered, or there were too many questions answered, or there was a continuity error with episode 1.25AF79 at timestamp 35:41, or some such. Geeze, if it's so painful to watch, DON'T WATCH IT! In other words, the people complaining need to get some perspective. I think your blog (and your salad dressing) are just fine, thanks. :-)


Some people can never be pleased. I have a feeling that too many of them have forgotten the nifty little red X in the upper right corner.

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