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May 17, 2007


Knitting Nettie

So cool!! I can make more stuff for my nieces...thanks Wendy!

Hey, that Knit and Tonic button, is that new? It should be on a cafe press t-shirt!!

Knitting Nettie

One more thing...do you know if the the Sonata holds the color as well as the Tahki? I would like to try it for the sake of the cost, but not if it fades like peaches and cream...


I've been waiting for this one. Thanks!


The new button is from a reader and next post, I'll mention her blog! I have washed the skirt twice and I can tell a slight difference between the Sonata and the Tahki, meaning the Tahki seems a bit higher quality and is softer, but the Elann is not unacceptable to me, if you know what I mean. But I've only washed it twice...(machine washed and dried).


ooohhhh soooooooo cute! Yay!


Wendy, I have been waiting for a project to spark my interest. I was looking for something small and simple yet fun and this is it!

Thanks... :). Got my copy :)


Oh Wendy, I found some Katia Jamaica (2 skeins) in my stash, do you think this will work?

BTW: I bought it after seeing this yarn on your blog too, hehehe.


Isela, two skeins of the Jamaica, depending upon the size you are knitting, should work. I think it might be a slightly larger gauge, so go down a size if you need to.


Thank you Wendy. I tried the Katia Jamaica and got gauge! I am so happy. I even started it and had the ribbing done, unfortunately, I was watching a show (Deja Vu) and well, I didn't realize that I had the stitches twisted! I was making a mobious skirt! Silly me, I am back to row 1. hehehe.

Trixie (Lara)

Adorable! Wish I had a little girl to knit for.


sweet! everytime i see some darling pattern for girly stuff, i wish i had a girl child to knit for, but it's all little boys in my life.



And YIPPEE that you finally have a button! Funny, I was thinking just the other day about emailing you and telling you that you should make one....


So cute- can you arrange to send me Bounce and Sizzle in one transaction? If not, it's no big deal...I will get them separately, but I mean, while I have my card out and all..... tee hee, I do that with yarn orders too : )


You know, I'm only on cabo hoodie #3 for my 4 daughters and now you come out with this one, which surely, they will all HAVE TO HAVE. Thanks.


Too cute Wendy!! I love the colors on her...... Hope to chat soon and that all is well:)



I have never bought a pattern...I have never used a pattern. But I might have to buy this.


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