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August 12, 2007



I've been enjoying your blog for quite sometime now. Just thought I'd post a comment and let you know I'm out here in cyberspace enjoying my view from here. Lots of love, Lori


It's nice to see you enjoying some pleasure knitting. The scarf is lovely.

Sally Villarreal

I know what you mean about little garter stitch edges not doing a whole heck of a lot to prevent rolling. I think the yarn you use has a lot to do with how it blocks.


Thanks for sharing! That malabrigo is stunning....I feel the same way about scarves rolling and such. Have a great week.


Thanks Wendy-la! After taking in the corvette guy, I relax in knowing that there are a few good reasons not to always be jealous of the California lifestyle. : )


Thanks for the great pattern. I'm thinking "nice Christmas gifts". DK

sara l

thank you very much, you're a doll!


The mullet guy sounds dreadful!

Um, that statue looks like it is eating your scarf.


Thanks Wendy. This will go on the needles as soon as I complete my dishrag for dishrag tag!



What do 'pm' and 'sm' stand for?



Fab! I need more lace in my life! Oh, and re: "Random guy sporting a mullet ... Frankie... Deuce Bigalow" etc, HAHAA! You're KILLING me here!


"pm" is place marker and "sm" is slip marker. Hope that helps!


wow! i am embarrassed to say that i have never blocked anything i have knitted and that photo really demonstrates the difference it makes! fascinating.


Once I complete my scarf, I will make the instructions into a PDF and it will have abbreviations and terms.


Very nice pattern! Thank you for sharing!


As busy as you have been and you are still coming up with freebies for us - we are so spoiled! Thank you!


Just happened to have some Malabrigo on hand and cast on right away - loving the pattern

Cognitive Crafter

Your scarf is pretty! I see it in my future...

I had a hard time copying the Rockin' Grrl Blogger tag, too. I had to right click on it, save it as a jpeg, and insert it as a pic.


Ooh that is so pretty, I'm going to have to bookmark this.

We have to hang out soon, since you missed our excursion with Tammy!


Every since you first posted on your scarf I've been waiting. It is so pretty without being intimidating. I have some real lace issues so maybe this will ease me in.


MaryCatherine, it'll be pretty easy. There are only two rows to "memorize"!


Mullets, Frankie goes to Hollywood, the 80s . . . what a great decade. I'm not sure I'd want to do all that over!!!


Thank you for taking the time to post this! I think I'll make one in red :)

Willa Jean

Eeeeuuuwwww. Guy in mullet. What makes you think she was his daughter?
I think you generally need to add a lace border to get the thing to stay flat.
OTOH, did you see that gorgeous green scarf that Miranda was wearing at the end of Sex in the City? It was probably made with $600 worth of bulky cashmere, but still....It was straight stockinette, curled from both sides toward the middle, and worn curled sides out, like two tubes. I've since seen other versions of the same thing on other shows with high-end wardrobes. Are you and the lace starting to have fun?


My scarf is coming out very 'puckery'. But I really like it that way. BUT... I'm just wondering what I'm doing that its doing that.

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