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November 05, 2007





I believe that if you are interested, there might be a job for you with the writer's guild out there. You'd have to cross picket lines, but what you write is much funnier than anything they have ever done. Bravo! And, I love the hat - and the pom-pom. What is not to love about a big ball????? Maybe it needs a second one???? ;-)


Hee hee hee! Attack of the giant pom pom!


A couple of eye holes and it could be a ski mask. Just a thought. :)


Well, you do know me and my balls.


Too funny! Can't say I will be rushing to knit the 'same thing' hahaha!


Oh god, this sounds familiar! I haven't tried this particular hat (and am reasonably likely to do so now ....), but I have many, many losers from over-exuberantly diving into a project.

About that pom pom though -- I think it was on the Stash and Burn podcast that I recently heard about how enormous pompoms on top of hats were all the rage in Italy. Maybe some of HWWV's extended fam could confirm this.

Ceylan Gul

HA! LOVE the pom-pom! I think its the perfect size ;-)


that is one cute human head


Now, don't take this the wrong way - but I thought that was a little girl under that hat. Then I realized it was you. :-)


You could always trim the pompom to size if you can deal with wasting all that yarn!

I think the hat will look good felted. Hope it fits even though you have no intention to wear it!


Oh, and here's a sob story for you. I was on the Rome metro last week wearing my favourite, favourite favourite Le Slouch made from handspun raspberry-coloured merino bought in Nelson, New Zealand (so: other side of the world; I now live in London). I got off the metro. Head felt cold. I was no longer wearing my hat!

I did bring the rest of the yarn with me when I moved, so I'm really hoping there's enough for a second hat there!


I usually love me a good pom-pom, but I have to admit that this one looks like it belongs in Who-ville :)

Miz Booshay

So funny!!

I love that big crazy pom :o)




Knitting is funny you think your on track to something wonderful and then it turns into something hysterical. I love the colors tho!


I actually like the giant pom-pom


Just too funny! Thanks for the laugh - I'm glad I'm not the only one who has knit a toobig hat.


Too funny! Love the colors though!


I am not one for pom-poms but that pom-pom is the queen and perhaps one may someday grace a hat of mine.


The dog looks seriously upset in that picture. :( I have to try this hat, though!


love it - i too have had gauge issues with hats... swatching is not my fave way to start a project. and i also love the pom pom!

Allison SuperCrafty

I love a good puzzle, so I had a hunch and I think I may have an alternate, but similar, yarn for you. Try Noro Silk Garden Lite. I just did a swatch on 7's and got 20 sts and 30 rows per 4". I think that might work! (Of course I usually carry it in the store but I'm out at the moment. Ugh.)


Oh my! I did the same thing with my Syncopated Caps! I got so excited because it was my first Fair Isle project and this is what happened. I wasn't brave enough to attempt to shrink it though!


Yes, I was totally zoned in on the dog's 'tude too. Ya don't wanna wind up like the Vicster. Repeatedly upsetting a dog with knitting... uh oh. I think the pattern's for me. I'm sick of being short and with that pp on top I'll be tall without having to wear high heels. I'm thankin ya anyway!

Gift it to a Rastafarian.

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