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February 05, 2008



thanks for posting the pattern--- it is really cute! Not too exaggerated, I like that and think it should be quite wearable!


She also claimed she had a third eye.
haaaaahahaha!! At least she's memorable.
Cute beret!


Thanks for the pattern! Can't wait to try it, maybe this weekend. It's very cute and understated, which I like. Hope the one I make comes out as nicely as yours.


it's so cute. thanks.


Don't you love the Helpless Knitter Syndrome! I remember having someone scream and yell that a pattern didn't make any sense and must be wong because it had p2tog in it....now this woman was familiar with k2tog being "knit 2 together" but figuring out that the "p" stood for purl was beyond her and she drove all the way to the LYS I worked at in a PANIC over it.


I like this, I am definetly making one.


So, what does sm mean?

(I know..shut up...I'm annoying...but I just couldn't help it :-)


Go voter, go voter...good for you from a first time caucus-er in IOwa!


Stickers? What Stickers? Thanks for the pattern, I've been thinking a beret would be a more flattering hat for me this winter....


Was that a third eye or a third nipple? You wrote third eye, but that is not what my mind's eye read. I am still laughing. Just where does she keep her third eye? Must have been an awfully long shift for me. Thanks for the pattern. I'm definitely going to make this one. And thanks for the tutorial on pm and sm.


I think I'll try the beret! It looks so cute on you every time I see the picture and I don't know if I look good in berets... Looks like it'll knit up fairly quickly so I can know quickly if I can pull off a beret! thanks for the pattern!!!

elizabeth m

Um, Wendy, That's not a 2 X 2 rib on that hat. But it sure looks great on you!


I will definately be making this hat. I made your garter beret that was on ravelry and that turned out absolutely beautiful!
Thank you for the pattern, and I understand pm and sm :)


ugh. Elizabeth M. is right. Not a 2x2. I'll change the pattern.

Karen B.

Um, "sm" is service mark? "pm" is prime minister? Oh, yeah. That's right. Context! Go ahead and shout, "Google!"

Thanks for the super pattern, Wendy!


Thank you so much for sharing the pattern, and for not making us wait until you had time to do it proper!

sm, pm, got it! ;-)


Thanks for the pattern. It's adorable.


I think of it as rather the helpless person syndrome. It happens to me outside of knitting (work and personal) all the time. Like when someone emails me asking if I have info on something. I google it, then cut/paste the response. Something that most people could have done themselves easy peasy.

GOOGLE IT FIRST. It takes 30 seconds and usually works.

Love the beret.


Good lord, I agree with the helpless person sydrome.

I probably shouldn't complain because I ask questions sometimes that I should have been able to find the answer to (particularly as a new knitter), but.... oy.


Hey...come play a game on my blog and pass the word around...would ya? Smiles.


Delurking to say thank you for the pattern! I can't wait to make it up! FYI- Herschners has Rowan Spray on sale for $2.97 a ball right now.


Thanks so much for the pattern! I have two balls of that Rowan Spray sitting around, and I've been wondering what to do with it! I can make one for me, and one for my daughter! :)


I really like reading your blog, and I love this beret pattern. Thanks for sharing!


thanks for sharing the pattern for the beret. I do enjoy reading your blog.

Right Out Loud

I was just thinking I needed a quicky hat to knit for my trip to colder climes - Thanks! You just made my day.

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